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Conspiracy beliefs come back to haunt Marion Cotillard

March 2, 2008 |  8:46 am

Normally, it takes Oscar winners at least a few months or years to land in trouble, but Marion Cotillard could set a new record thanks to some bizarre comments she made last year that are now triggering a hubbub just days after her best-actress victory.


A past interview suggests Cotillard believes that the U.S. government may have fabricated the 9/11 attacks because the World Trade Center towers were outdated "money-sucker" buildings needing major renovation.

She may even embrace more conspiracy theories — one of them truly out of this world. Cotillard says Uncle Sam may have faked that whole Apollo 11 bit back in 1969.

"Did a man really walk on the moon?" she asked on French TV program "Paris Premiere, Paris Derniere" ("Paris First, Paris Last") last year. "I saw plenty of documentaries on it, and I really wondered. And in any case I don't believe all they tell me, that's for sure."

She made the comments a year ago on French TV, but they're suddenly popping up all over the Internet, including Drudge Report, which links to this article in the London Daily Mail. There are additional reports by the New York Daily News and Agence France Presse. A transcript of the TV interview is at the website of French magazine Marianne2. Video clips appear on You Tube.

Cotillard is well known for believing in the fantastic. In her Oscar acceptance speech she said that her best-actress victory was proof "there is some angels" in Los Angeles.