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Can 'My Boy Jack' put Daniel Radcliffe in the Emmy race?

April 18, 2008 | 11:42 am

"My Boy Jack" "looks like it could be a big player in the made-for-TV movies at the Emmys this year!" warns our forums poster bocaboy7. "Watch it, or at least record it" this Sunday night.


It's part of PBS' new, revamped "Masterpiece Theatre," which used to sweep the Emmys. The new version is retitled "Masterpiece Classic." Last week it featured "a lovely new version of E.M. Forster's 'A Room With a View,'" which received a B+ grade from Entertainment Weekly. (For the L.A. Times' review -- CLICK HERE)

"My Boy Jack" gets an A- from EW, which calls the program "jolly good." It stars "Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe as the young, eager-to-please son of British poet Rudyard Kipling, who got so swept up in the jingoist bloodlust surrounding World War I that he railroaded his son into the military.

"The lieutenant's cap [that Radcliffe] wears seems pointedly too big, so that he looks, appropriately, like a child dressed up in Daddy's clothes," observes the L.A. Times (CLICK HERE). "He seems even smaller in the trenches, all mud and rain and bad words. Radcliffe does some nice work here; he will doubtless overcome his child stardom."


"Radcliffe is hauntingly good as the boy who enters the fray of WWI despite being completely unqualified: He's blind without his spectacles," says EW. The magazine isn't so enthusiastic about the stunt casting of "Sex and the City" siren Kim Cattrall as his mom, "who can't quite shed her fabulousness."

The New York Times rallies to Cattrall's defense while expressing some reservations about the telefilm: "Ms. Cattrall’s odd inclusion adds a spark and leaves you with something to talk about. Otherwise "My Boy Jack" is like a well-made hospital bed, all four corners too tightly tucked."

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