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More Grammys and an Oscar (stop laughing!) for Mariah?

April 25, 2008 | 12:10 pm

"I think Mariah Carey is going to have great reviews for 'Tennessee,' " says our forums poster jonatansol, who seems to be a rosey fan. "Do you think she will get the nom for best supporting actress" at the Oscars?


He's referring to the film that opens Saturday night at the Tribeca Film Festival (CLICK HERE) in which she portrays an abused woman on the run. Sometimes Oscar voters do take pop singers seriously as actors, giving them noms (Diana Ross in "Lady Sings the Blues"), even wins (Frank Sinatra in "From Here to Eternity," Cher in "Moonstruck"), but Mariah has always struck pop-culture observers as more worthy of Razzies. In fact, she "won" worst actress for "Glitter" in 2001. In that same film her breasts were nominated for worst screen couple. They "lost" to Tom Greene and "any animal he abuses" in "Freddie Got Fingered."

Anyway, CLICK HERE to snoop through that forum thread and read some of the hilarious replies to jonatansol's question.

In terms of showbiz awards, it's probably more realistic to have Grammy hope for Mariah's new CD, "E=MC2," which sold 463,000 copies during its first week out. It contains her 18th No. 1 single, which now ranks her just behind the Beatles record (20).

She has won five Grammys, including best new artist of 1990, but she has still not won best album or record. She's lost three times in each race. Album: "The Emancipation of Mimi," 2006; "Daydream," 1996; "Mariah Carey," 1991. Record: "We Belong Together," 2006; "One Sweet Day," 1996; "Vision of Love," 1991.