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Tom Cruise's Oscar hopes dim for 'Valkyrie'?

April 1, 2008 |  4:59 pm

Tom Cruise fans have high expectations for "Valkyrie." Since the superstar is rather overdue for an Oscar, they hope he may be helped by portraying a real, heroic person in a World War II flick (think past winners Adrien Brody in "The Pianist" or William Holden in "Stalag 17") directed by a chap who got Kevin Spacey that Oscar in the supporting slot for "The Usual Suspects" (Bryan Singer).


But now Roger Friedman of says that, contrary to recent reports, that very public lunch Tom Cruise had with Sumner Redstone last week at the Polo Lounge wasn't a sign that the heartthrob's life is increasingly sunny.

"For one thing, sources tell me it was Cruise who called Redstone, not the other way around," Friedman says. "The fact that Cruise groveled in public with Redstone would indicate that the actor knows just how bad 'Valkyrie' is and that he’s trying to shore up his future before the eye patch hits the fan this fall.

"Since Cruise’s departure, he’s made the terrible box-office flop 'Lions for Lambs' under his new deal with MGM/United Artists," he adds. CLICK HERE to read more.

Some sources dispute Friedman's take on the Polo Lounge powwow and note that no one's seen "Valkerie" in its totality yet. A few final scenes are still being shot. But one source who's seen big chunks of the flick insists that it's actually "fantastic — it's a great story told by a great director, Bryan Singer. How could it not be?" You be the judge. Click on the trailer below.

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Whats up with Friedmans hate campaign agaisnt Cruisey? Sure he can do whatever he wants but he seems to be genuinely hateful.
I love his "review" of the Valkyrie Trailer for instance. The trailer.

If the film is good I'll see it (ie. Rotten Tomatoes). If its horrible I won't.

Case Closed.

Too much of the Anti-Cruse reads like 'group think'.

I for one won't allow the duty bound critics decide who I should like or what I should dislike.

Anyone remember the Matrix or Aeon Flux and the way those movies were panned.

yeah i know, just go with the flow.

I'm definately NOT seeing the movie!
I'm SO fed up with Tom Cruise and his crazy antics!!! Besides the film seems to be REALLY BAD...

The movie sucks big time !!!

OMG that trailer is hideously campy! Did somebody forget to tell the cast that they're not in a Monty Python skit?

I hate it when actors don't even try to do the accents. Those "Germans" sounded American and British.

Don't think I will be going to see this one, I can't look at Tom Cruise without thinking of that leaked video of him on YouTube, the scientology one, and that performance on the couch. I use to think he was good but I can't get past those images.

The role is beyond the scope of Cruise. His swagger and arrogant grin only demeans the true character that was Claus von Stauffenberg. It is too bad that Hollywood always screws up history and those who lived it.

No Academy Award for Tom Cruise, because he played himself and not the unique man who was Von Stauffenberg.

Oscar chances- nil; Razzies chances- EXCELLENT (almost as good as mine)!

I don't know about Cruise being nominated for an Oscar. But the trailer has me interested in seeing the film.



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