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'Valkyrie' release switch takes Oscar heat off Tom Cruise

April 7, 2008 |  4:30 pm

"United Artists and MGM have pushed back the release of Bryan Singer’s Tom Cruise starrer 'Valkyrie' from Oct. 3 to Feb. 13," reports Variety.


That means the studios are diminishing the high Oscar expectations surrounding the Nazi thriller that previously had an awards-friendly release date. Smart move. Sure, October may have seemed like a shrewd time to open such obvious Oscar bait (it's based upon a real-life, heroic figure) starring a superstar ridiculously overdue for academy gold, but that was probably heaping too much pressure on "Valkyrie." At this point in his fragile career, Cruise just needs to crank out a successful film taken seriously by film critics and moviegoers. Oscar voters can wait.

"Clark Woods, MGM prexy of domestic distribution, said the studio wanted to take advantage of an opening in the schedule for the President’s Day weekend," Variety adds. "The current lineup for that frame includes Disney’s “Confessions of a Shopaholic” and Sony’s “Pink Panther 2.” U’s “Wolfman” had also been slotted for that weekend but was recently moved back."

(Photo: United Artists / MGM)

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Tom Cruise is long overdue for an oscar... He should have own for A Few Good Men... He has been overlooked long enough.. He puts his heart and soul into his parts... Good Luck Tom, maybe next year you will be recognized for you ability.

Tom was robbed at the oscars for bad Caine in a shitty movie
He deserve three oscars.

The movie look promising, I trust cruise, he never disapointed

Tommy is always Tommy Cruise. He's not mature enough to be anyone else!

Tom Cruise is "ridiculously overdue for Oscar gold"????

Hahahahahahaha!!! That's hilarious Tom. You made my day.

Oh, I see ... you are serious!!

You genuinely believe that when little Tom knits his eyebrows, tilts his head down, pouts a little and generally looks like a small child who is having a difficult bowel movement (which is Cruise's only "acting" technique), he is giving an Oscar-worthy performance?

There was a time when action stars knew and accepted their place in Hollywood, as audience-pleasing moneymakers. And they accepted that there was no shame in occupying that position. Just as there was no shame in being a genuine actor whose movies did not necessarily make billions of dollars. Now the action stars seem to think they can be serious actors, and deserve Oscars, and the genuine actors want to be in blockbusters.

Oh pleeze...this is such an obvious stinker; and why oh WHY do you insist that one-note TOM CRUISE is somehow entitled to an Oscar??? I'm just PO'd that he now won't be eligible for a Razzie THIS year!

That movie should be called Penguin rather than Valkyrie, because it's not going to fly.



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