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'American Idol' rivals David Cook and David Archuleta are most like which past award champs?

May 28, 2008 |  2:24 pm


OK, it looks like "American Idol" loser David Archuleta will rally over time and win more showbiz awards than David Cook, according to the results of our poll netting more than 14,500 votes as of today (May 28). David Archuleta leads with 52.5%; David Cook nabbed 47.5%. (Do you still want to vote? CLICK HERE!)

But what awards? I asked our forum posters to draw some parallels between these chaps and established music artists and I added a few of my own. Then I dug up the award histories of those latter stars.

In the case of David Archuleta, the big question: Is he a sweet, awe-shucks heartthrob who'll vanish fast like 1970s flash-in-the-pan Bobby Sherman, a favorite of the Tiger Beat set? Or is he a durable hottie unafraid to sing powerfully about his broken heart in schmaltzy songs that'll make him (deservedly) a superstar like John Mayer? Or, egads, could the shy 17-year-old turn out to be, as he gains confidence and swagger, the next Justin Timberlake?

David Cook shows promise as a rockin' hunk who might survive the long haul like Jon Bon Jovi or, with a bit less success, Bryan Adams. Or will he be a one-hit wonder who'll never leave the stage like faux rocker Rick Springfield (enough refrains of "Jesse's Girl" already! – it was never a great song in the first place!)? Or disappear quickly like Taylor Hicks?

Below, the award history of five music stars who may be similar to David Archuleta:

Clay Aiken – 1 American Music Award, 3 Billboard Awards
Josh Groban – No major awards. Only a few noms at Grammys, Billboard, World and American Music Awards
John Mayer – 5 Grammys, including song of the year "Daughters"; no American Music or Billboard Awards
Justin Timberlake – 6 Grammys, 3 American Music Awards, 1 Emmy
Bobby Sherman – No awards

Here's the award history of five music stars who may be similar to David Cook:

Bryan Adams – 1 Grammy (writing best song for a film, "(Everything I Do) I Do It for You")
Chris Daughtry – 3 American Music Awards; 1 People's Choice Award; lost 4 Grammy noms, including best new artist


(Fox TV, Mercury Records)

Rick Springfield – 1 Grammy, 1 American Music Award
Jon Bon Jovi – 1 Grammy (best country collaboration with Jennifer Nettles, "Who Says You Can't Go Home"), 1 Golden Globe win and Oscar nom (film song, "Blaze of Glory" for "Young Guns II")
Taylor Hicks – No notable awards or noms

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Thanks ....Rascal you summed it all up when you said that David Archuleta is an original. He is not like anyone else and he's not trying to immitate anyone else and I think that is why he will be so successful, Now having said that, I can see him being the next Elvis Presley, wonder how long before he breaks out into acting? I don't particular care for musicals. I don't like my movies and music videos merged, but I'd love to see Archie at the big screen, acting and singing!

In my opinion both Davids are very talented. I thought they both should have won. I actually couldn't pick one over the other, I liked them both so much. I hope they both will have their dreams come true and I am looking forward to hearing them both sing for years to come.

In my country, David Cook is a star now. So weird. He's even bigger than the usual artists that are supposedly more popular here like, Ne-Yo Chris Brown, etc.

Why do people think that they know their futures already? It's so annoying. And one hopes that one David will be a fizz out just like that because their David didn't win. You people should realize that you are rude to both of these guys. A true fan of either of the Davids would not consider even bashing each other's idols. Grow up. Stop typing foolish remarks and go on support your own Idol. So that no one will shoot you down.

i love the result of american idol 7......david cook is amazing...i love him...and i'm so happy for his victory....

Daughtry was not nominated for best new artist...

Amy Winehouse
Taylor Swift

were the nominees

I just ordered a cool David Archuleta shirt from They said not to tell anyone, but here is a 10% discount code, pts10 (it is case sensitive, so copy and paste it). Enjoy!

David Archuleta will only get better with time. As his voice, appearance, and personality mature, he will win over more and more fans, including some of Cook's. Even though American Idol went out of its way to make him appear very young, his post-Idol interviews (especially his three-part web interview with Entertainment Weekly) have begun to reveal his maturity and intelligence, as well as how musically savvy he is. His beautiful voice combined with a sensitive nature and good looks will help sustain him in the future. Plus, I believe he will surprise everyone early on with a musical sophistication that the confines of American Idol managed to keep under wraps.

All this article has made me feel is complete and utter contempt and dislike for Archuletta and his fans. I am only sorry that David Cook is so wonderful to him and includes him in everything. You are contemptible.

David Cook
Over the weekend I read that David Cook dominated the iTunes Top Ten.

The "Idol" finale didn’t help Donna Summer, Seal or George Michael, they’ve got no tracks in the iTunes Top 100. As of now, Bryan Adams’ "Summer of ‘69" is sitting at 97, ZZ Top’s "Sharp Dressed Man" is 100 and David Cook’s got the number one track.

There’s something here, and it’s suddenly coming clear.

We live in a rock nation.

They’ve been telling us for years that we live in a hip-hop nation. If we ever did, if it wasn’t a media fabrication akin to the grunge revolution, it’s over. And we’re back to rock. That’s why Bon Jovi can do arenas, people want to hear "Livin’ On A Prayer" and "Wanted Dead Or Alive". As the business fractured at the top, with weenies like Clive Davis constructing ever more vapid product sold by two-dimensional items that weren’t only airbrushed, but auto-tuned, and the hipsters went for esoterica, championing fringe indie rock artists, the public decided it wanted something straight down the middle, otherwise known as Nickelback.

Wince all you want, but this is a different "American Idol" season. The predicted champ, the one all the analysts said was going to win, the lowest common denominator, David Archuleta, LOST! It’s kind of like the election… A black man couldn’t win, Hillary had it sewn up. How could the prognosticators get it so WRONG? The media is out of touch with the public, the only way to figure out what is happening is to do your own survey, feel the vibe. And the vibe is that David Cook is not just a pretty face, he REPRESENTS SOMETHING! Hope. That music can be reclaimed, that we can return to the golden era, when all those classic rock acts were hatched.

Oh, of course I’m a bit on the edge here, if David Cook wrote songs that good, he would have already made it. But people don’t want to hear rhythm or pop, they want to hear rock. Maybe rock ballads, but rock. Sure, it might be a karaoke version, but isn’t "I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For" better than ANYTHING on Top Forty radio? There’s a hope, an exuberance, an otherworldly, UNCALCULATED MAGIC in the track. It can’t even be denied in Cook’s take. And people want it. Hell, U2 benefited more than any of the classic acts on the finale, and THEY WEREN’T THERE!

It all comes down to your material… Is IT classic? If it is, then you’ve got longevity. You’re on "Rock Band" and "Guitar Hero". People put their heads into the air and yelp like dogs, your songs inhabit them!

Fuck an album, fuck the profits. I’d say if Bryan Adams really wants to come back, he should sit down and WRITE A SONG with David Cook, THIS WEEK! Have it out NEXT! How come the "Idol" songs can be on iTunes the next day, and the live shows of superstars can’t? Could it be that "Idol" is more in touch with the zeitgeist than the major label music business? Could it be that Guy Hands should close down artist development over at EMI and throw in with a television contest?

It’s a lonely alienated world we live in. With no center. "Indiana Jones" sucks. And Madonna does too. There’s no center. We’re looking for a center.

I can categorize all day long what’s wrong with "American Idol", but it represents what our hit movies, records and TV shows used to. A RALLYING POINT! Something we can discuss in the agora of life. Being a shoegazer who hates everything mainstream is no longer a calling. Because no one cares what you say, there is no center. Your outside opinions only count if THERE IS A CENTER! The point is, can you be mainstream without selling out? Put another way, is it BAD TO BE MAINSTREAM? To create a song that can be played at the ballpark? Something that puts a smile on your face at the beach?

Not only did David Cook sing "I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For", he did "All Right Now". And "Baba O’Riley". When all the female contestants are imitating Mariah Carey, tarting up their look and vocalizing like frogs on Adderall, this guy sings straight ahead rock and he WINS! David Archuleta goes all sappy, he pulls at the little girls’ heartstrings, but he LOSES! Badly! Because the little girls might understand, but they don’t rule. People liked where Cook was coming from, they wanted to give him a chance, they wanted a new Daughtry.

Hell, even Simon Cowell didn’t get it. He wants someone cute, who he can mold. Get some hack to write a song for. Whereas rock records tend to be written by sleep-deprived drug addicts. With enough personalization and grit for the audience to relate.

It’s a crazy, fucked up world where the winner of "American Idol" is our biggest hope, but that’s the truth. Today, the biggest act in America isn’t Mariah Carey, he’s a scruffy rocker, whose traction is based on renditions of decades-old songs.

You see we want to believe. We’re sick of cynicism. We’re sick of being told what we think, to buy the shiny new construction by thieving old men.

It benefits us to have a center. It makes us better as a society.

If you want to make it today, don’t work with Timbaland, don’t strip in "Vanity Fair’, WRITE SATISFACTION! Hell, even Collective Soul’s "The World I Know". Simon Cowell castigated David Cook for this choice, but the audience remembered this magical track from the last century. Cook’s rendition of "The World I Know" is number 19 on iTunes. Ahead of Gavin DeGraw, Maroon 5 and the vaunted ESTELLE!

I’m not even sure it’s ABOUT David Cook, the individual. I’d tell him to fuck the album and continue to put singles in the marketplace. These songs on iTunes are not even AVAILABLE on CD. Get modern, go with the audience. But, I can say I’m interested. I pooh-poohed "Idol" for years. But Cook winning isn’t much different from Obama getting the nomination. Instead of playing it safe, Cook did what he wanted, he didn’t repeat a safe rendition of "Imagine" like Archuleta, he took a risk, AND IT PAID OFF!

This is the best thing that could have happened to the "Idol" franchise. The most legitimate, the most pedigreed person won. But it’s also good for music. Just like Carrie Underwood’s victory was good for country, Cook’s victory is good for rock. It brings focus, definition…

Sure, the great rock acts write their own material. Cook’s career hangs in the balance. But I feel like we’re suddenly living in the U.K., where one can be EXCITED about what’s popular, what’s on the chart. Maybe we’ve found what we’re looking for.

By: bob | 2008/05/27 | Music Business - The Media | Trackback | Comments [RSS 2.0]

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One of the posters below got it right. The reason David Archuleta won over millions of fans, both here and around the world, is not because he's some copycat of another artist, but a true original. His voice and delivery are unique and therefore compelling. I tuned into American Idol week after week, because there was NOWHERE else I could go to hear that beautiful, powerful, emotional voice. He will have a huge career specifically due to his unique sound.

David Cook, while entertaining, sounds like Nickelback or a derivative of many other groups already on the scene that are "in" at this moment in time. David Archuleta's sound, however, is timeless.

David Archuleta is the genuine article and a true original with his own distinctive sound. He doesn't sound like anyone else and I don't want him to. I love him as he his and look forward to hearing him for years to come. I'll be the one clapping the longest and loudest when he steps on stage to pick up Grammy awards.

i just think that david archuleta cannot beigger and better as he is now. I pretty much cried every performance he did on stage. this kid is just amazing and I hope his future will bring him a lot of happiness like he brings us when he sings or when he just speak or smile - he is an angel - AND I'M A 50 YEARS OLD LADY, who has a lot of family and friends around and all of them think the same, no matter their age. HANS DOWN David, you are amazing!!

David Archuleta is going to be big...really big and sooner than most might think. He has already had several recording offers , people offering up to write him great songs, and oh those pipes he has!!

The reason I'm writing is that I'm hoping maybe you might do the right thing and expose American Idol for what they've done to the American people. (Over $250,000.00 last year alone) American Idol has held a songwriting contest 2 years in a row. Last year 25,000 people entered the contest at $10.00 each for a chance at fame and fortune, and thousands and thousands more entered this year. (At $10.00 each) The problem is.......

1. It was advertised as an amateur songwriting contest. (The winner is a pro, with several #1 hits including having a one of his songs on the NEW Clay Aiken CD) 2. The contest was rigged from day one. How do I know this? Easy....Out of tens of thousands of entries only 20 are chosen for an online vote. But out of the top 20 you have....
1. Top 20 American Idol Songwriting Finalist (Andy Zulla) is an engineer on Clay Aiken, Kelly Clarkson, Diana DeGarmo CD's.
2. Top 20 American Idol Songwriting Finalist (Windy Wagner) is a backup singer on the NEW Clay Aiken CD.
3. Top 20 American Idol Songwriting Finalist (Ryan Gillmor) wrote the theme song for the Fox television show "Unhitched".
4. Top 20 American Idol Songwriting Finalist (Dan Yessian) wrote jingles for Ford Motors.
5. Top 20 American Idol Songwriting Finalist (Luke Ebbin) is a producer on Austalian Idol 1st place runner-up Shannon Noll's CD.
6. Top 20 American Idol Songwriting Winner (Regie Hamm) is a co-writer on the NEW Clay Aiken CD
7. Top 20 American Idol Songwriting Winner (Regie Hamm) is a co-writer of the Winner of 2007's American Idol Songwriting Contest Scott Krippayne.

So we have 3 out 20 Top 20 Songwriting Finalist on Clay Aiken CD's. We also have the winner of this year and the winner of last years songwriting contest are good friends and co-writers on several songs. You get better odds of getting struck by lightning while buying a winning lottery ticket. What you see above is just the tip of the iceburg, and only deals with this years contest, last year's contest is even worse. (10 of the 2007 Top 20 Finalist had working relationships with Judge Paula Abdul, Judge Randy Jackson, Host Ryan Seacreast, Bandleader Rickey Minor, Idol Producer Clive Davis, American Idol, Fox Television ...... IF someone will only check out my webpage you would find everything I'm saying has links to prove it. Please do something about this. Thank you, Simon

Given how smart and versatile David Cook seems, I think he'll be most like Jon Bon Jovi (who, by the way has also won American Music Awards as a solo artist and with the band, along with many other awards around the world. Your researchers missed a lot!) David Cook also seems like he's going to be passionate about helping those in need and supporting various causes like JBJ.

how dare you to call david archuleta a loser?he is the world idol and you can never deny that!!!!

one) it was really ignorant/arrogant to say ""american idol" loser david archuleta...."

two) archuleta will be very successful if he gets promoted the right way

three) Cook can dissappear/be forgotten in a few months/years...why? well because hes up against people like Daughtry and Nickelback!!! and because three days ago i already forgot who cook was until i thought about it over and over again. oh and because i know some cook fans who are already tired of hearing cook's voice...and i may say so myself im also beg. to get tired of cook's raspy voice..
dont get me wrong...i LOVE cook's personality...

well thats all i have to say...
its just an opinion.
i am VERY excited to get a hold of David Archuleta's CD!!!! and im looking forward to seeing more of David Archuleta!!!

I hope cook will end up like taylor hicks and David Archuleta like Justin Timberlake..

i'm so glad to here archey is so popular around the world! he totally deserves it-- he has a voice that just takes my breath away. not to mention he is perfect looking.

i just called my radio station to request David Archuleta & they said they'd play it -- so hopefully soon the greater Chicagoland area will get to fall in love with Archey's voice like I did at "Waiting on the World to Change"... :)

David Archuleta wins hands down, whichever way you look at it. He may have lost the title American Idol but he has won the world over since hollywood week!

These kinds of comparisons are inane and diminishing. Let's ask another question: Who was Josh Groban like before there was a Josh Groban? Right. Nobody. That's because these guys are all, for the most part, originals. I realize that the press is too lazy and superficial to try to explain what constitutes an original, but David Archuleta, at least, is one of them. He'll wind up being exactly like David Archuleta.

David Cook is clearly the better musician. Anyone with any musical background could tell you that. Archie has totally destroyed his voice by screaming power ballads since infancy. Vote For The Worst was right to choose Archie and should have done it sooner. Then maybe his assault on pop music and his draconian father would have been silenced sooner. I'd be surprised if he could talk let alone win awards five years from now.

if there was any nominations or something like Grammy in my Country, i'm sure David Archuleta will win hands down.....he's not only American Idol....he's also world idol...he's the SUPERSTAR in the make in here in Brazil..... Go Archuleta...and bonus will be dat if he sings in Spanish...everyone else will love



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