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'American Idol' rivals David Cook and David Archuleta are most like which past award champs?

May 28, 2008 |  2:24 pm


OK, it looks like "American Idol" loser David Archuleta will rally over time and win more showbiz awards than David Cook, according to the results of our poll netting more than 14,500 votes as of today (May 28). David Archuleta leads with 52.5%; David Cook nabbed 47.5%. (Do you still want to vote? CLICK HERE!)

But what awards? I asked our forum posters to draw some parallels between these chaps and established music artists and I added a few of my own. Then I dug up the award histories of those latter stars.

In the case of David Archuleta, the big question: Is he a sweet, awe-shucks heartthrob who'll vanish fast like 1970s flash-in-the-pan Bobby Sherman, a favorite of the Tiger Beat set? Or is he a durable hottie unafraid to sing powerfully about his broken heart in schmaltzy songs that'll make him (deservedly) a superstar like John Mayer? Or, egads, could the shy 17-year-old turn out to be, as he gains confidence and swagger, the next Justin Timberlake?

David Cook shows promise as a rockin' hunk who might survive the long haul like Jon Bon Jovi or, with a bit less success, Bryan Adams. Or will he be a one-hit wonder who'll never leave the stage like faux rocker Rick Springfield (enough refrains of "Jesse's Girl" already! – it was never a great song in the first place!)? Or disappear quickly like Taylor Hicks?

Below, the award history of five music stars who may be similar to David Archuleta:

Clay Aiken – 1 American Music Award, 3 Billboard Awards
Josh Groban – No major awards. Only a few noms at Grammys, Billboard, World and American Music Awards
John Mayer – 5 Grammys, including song of the year "Daughters"; no American Music or Billboard Awards
Justin Timberlake – 6 Grammys, 3 American Music Awards, 1 Emmy
Bobby Sherman – No awards

Here's the award history of five music stars who may be similar to David Cook:

Bryan Adams – 1 Grammy (writing best song for a film, "(Everything I Do) I Do It for You")
Chris Daughtry – 3 American Music Awards; 1 People's Choice Award; lost 4 Grammy noms, including best new artist


(Fox TV, Mercury Records)

Rick Springfield – 1 Grammy, 1 American Music Award
Jon Bon Jovi – 1 Grammy (best country collaboration with Jennifer Nettles, "Who Says You Can't Go Home"), 1 Golden Globe win and Oscar nom (film song, "Blaze of Glory" for "Young Guns II")
Taylor Hicks – No notable awards or noms