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Amy Winehouse or Beyonce to sing new James Bond theme for ‘Quantum of Solace’?

May 26, 2008 |  9:57 am

There are conflicting reports out of the U.K. this weekend over whether recent Grammy sweeper Amy Winehouse or the diva she trounced in the top award contest, Beyonce, will sing the theme tune for "Quantum of Solace," the 22nd film in the James Bond film series.

While Amy Winehouse continues to battle her own personal demons publicly, it looks like she's squaring off against Beyonce in a post-Grammy rematch. Despite being temporarily barred from entering the United States when the Grammys occurred back in February, fiesty Winehouse appeared via satellite and nabbed five awards, including three of the top four trophies: best new artist plus record and song of the year ("Rehab"). In the best-record fight, she nabbed it from Beyonce, who was nommed for "Irreplaceable" and has not yet won the prize throughout her career.


Now here's the dish on their possible new clash. First, the Bond scoop on that beehive-wearing battle ax. On Sunday, Winehouse told the London Daily Star, "I’ve done loads of Bond songs. There are loads of good ones I’m really happy with. I don’t know what is wrong with them or what the problem is, to be honest. It’s there, ready and done, and it’s up to them if they want it or not."

The news report adds, "Pals say the main track up for consideration is a big Shirley Bassey, '60s-type number. Record company bosses are pleased with the 'surefire hit.' But Bond chiefs are still dithering." As the paper explains via a source: "It’s at a delicate stage. Amy is still seen as damaged goods — she will have to prove she’s on the road to recovery before she’s signed up."

This would explain the story in the Sunday Express touting Beyonce as the new voice of the Bond movie due out October 31. "Music industry insiders say the former Destiny’s Child singer has become firm favorite after first choice Amy fell off the rails. But whether or not Beyonce, 26, records the theme will be down to Barbara Broccoli, daughter of the late Bond producer Cubby." To help her decide, she may well watch a tape of Beyonce singing the nominated track "Patience" from "Dreamgirls" at the Oscars last year.

Regardless of which woman does the singing, this song could be the best shot at an Academy Award nomination for a Bond movie theme in years. Surprisingly, neither of Shirley Bassey's big hits, "Goldfinger" or "Diamonds are Forever," got an Oscar nod. It would take former Beatle Paul McCartney and his 1973 title track for "Live and Let Die" to get any respect from the music branch of the academy. The song lost to "The Way We Were."

The Bond producers signed up that song's composer, Marvin Hamlisch, to handle music duties on "The Spy Who Loved Me" in 1977. Alas, while he got a nod for the song "Nobody Does It Better" (sung by Carly Simon), it lost to "You Light Up My Life" while his score was bested by "Star Wars."


The last nod came in 1981 with "For Your Eyes Only" composed by Bill Conti, oftentimes conductor at the Academy Awards. Sheena Easton performed the number at the Oscars in one of those "so bad it is good" production numbers. While the song lost to the theme from "Arthur," it did provide presenter Bette Midler with a memorable Oscar moment as she riffed on the nominees, including this dig: "'For Your Eyes Only,' and they weren't kidding, I couldn't watch a single frame."

To read the rest of the Daily Star Sunday report - CLICK HERE

To read the rest of the Sunday Express report - CLICK HERE


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Im so sick of beyonce she is so...blah! Amy is obviously way more what she smokes crack...shes still a better singer! So stop hating!

While I believe Amy Winehouse is very talented, I think Beyonce is a better fit for the Bond Theme. Beyonce is way more talented to me; I'd much rather see and hear her. Hands down, Beyonce is the best in the game in my opinion and the hardest working female probably. She is ranked 4 on the Forbes list of most powerful celebs. Oh yeah to klif007, Beyonce is the ony choice. We should all say no to drugs.

Amy Winehouse is the only choice.

I personally believe that Amy Winehouse has a very unique voice and although I like beyonce I would have to say Amy deserves this. Its good to see her in the new for something other than her usual happenings and this may really help Amy to sort her act out.

Tom you have such a personal agenda against Beyonce it's strange. Did she pee in your cup???? Jesus who cares. There is no Amy vs. Beyonce. Amy has it but she is in a self destructive phase and they are looking at other options it's that plain and simple.

Shouldn't be either... should be The Last Shadow Puppets... anyone who's listened to Alex Turner's cover of Diamonds are Forever and The Last Shadow Puppet's album The Age of the Understatement should know right away there's no-one better to take on the task... plus.... would be nice if they just decided from now on only British performers could do Bond themes... keep it national

Hoepfully they go with Beyonce.

beyonce should i think she can do it betta

I'm personally sick of Beyonce being everywhere. Hopefully Amy will get this one because it will give lots of credibility to the Bond theme and she'd revive the tradition of good tunes attached to the movie. She's simply perfect for the part.

Well whoever sings it it will be an improvement over the previous Bond song which was so overproduced you couldn't understand the words.

As for the women, my vote is for Beyonce....better yet Jennifer Hudson...Amy Winehouse is a wreck....will she live long enough to record anything again?

it's about a song...not a person folks,listen to the music, not the tabloids!

OMG Theres no way Beyoce should sing the theme song her voice aint suitable !!! Amy Winehouse would sing the best song evr for the bond track its gonna be huge.........Go Team Amy!!!!



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