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Can Lindsay Lohan be Emmy-nominated for 'Ugly Betty'?

May 4, 2008 |  3:48 pm

News that Lindsay Lohan will be on "Ugly Betty" on May 22 means that her appearance will fall before the Emmy eligibility cut-off date of May 31. Technically, she could be nominated for a guest role just like another sexy, tabloid star was in 2002: Brad Pitt — remember? — was a contender for "Friends."


Heck, theoretically, it's possible Lindsay Lohan could be nominated against the pop tart whose TV career move she's copying: Britney Spears ("How I Met Your Mother"). (Read more about Britney's shot at Emmy glory HERE! ) Egads, she could also be nommed against another tabloid sis, Mary-Kate Olsen (read more — CLICK HERE!) But first, we must ask: Will Lindsay Lohan really be nommed? I put this urgent kudos question to our forum posters. Here are some choice responses below. See more — CLICK HERE.

Backstabbing Girlfriend: We don't even know if she'll stay sober enough to show up to work to shoot all her scenes. Sure, she showed up yesterday on the set, but that's one day.

Tallulah's Cocaine: When did "Ugly Betty" become "Will & Grace" (i.e. the show that gets overrun with guest star stunt casting weekly)?

Taloson: She's definitely a better actress than Britney, but with her reputation, I highly doubt she's getting in.


Professor Chaos: If Charlize Theron 's five-episode arc on "Arrested Development" couldn't get a nomination, then Cokehan's chances are dead.

(Photo: Weinstein Co.)