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Can Steven Soderbergh and Benicio Del Toro make Oscar magic again with 'Che'?

May 22, 2008 | 12:39 pm


Our intrepid team of reporters covering the Cannes film fest offers their takes on "Che" – a four-hour-plus work in progress. This biopic of Che Guevara reunites director Steven Soderbergh and star Benicio Del Toro for the first time since they both won Oscars for "Traffic" in 2001.

Oscarologist Pete Hammond thinks, "Soderbergh's epic is deliberate and low key. Del Toro completely inhabits the role as you might expect. He was born to play Che." For Pete, "The first part, 'The Argentine,' is more expository. The second part, 'Guerrilla,' seemed to actually play better from where I was sitting. Early reviews are all over the map."

Sheigh Crabtree has compiled some of these early reviews that range from rave (Glenn Kenny, IndieWire) to pan (Todd McCarthy, Variety). As Sheigh notes, "We can only hope the sprawling heap of Red ONE footage that 'Che' director Steven Soderbergh allowed to be shown at Cannes last night is destined to be shaped into something magical someday."

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