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David Cook rides 'American Idol' win to top of iTunes chart

May 24, 2008 | 12:32 pm


Just two days after winning Season 7 of "American Idol," David Cook sits atop the iTunes download chart. His first single, "The Time of My Life," is No. 1 while the other three songs he sang on this week's finale closely follow.

We will have to wait till at least the fall to see whether he can match this success with his first album. Cook tells  Reuters: "It'll probably be a rock record. I just want to make a record that's going to make the hair on your neck stand up. Even if it doesn't do well commercially, as long as I can put out a record I am proud of ā€” that's the goal right now. And hopefully the success will follow."

The last rocker to be launched by "Idol" was Chris Daughtry, who came in fourth two years ago. Since then, his band Daughtry has released a self-titled album which sold over 4 million copies and netted them four Grammy nods.

To read the rest of David Cook's Reuters interview - CLICK HERE

Photo credit: Fox

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Chris Daughtry will never sell that many CD's again. He was Clive Davis' pet to prove a point to American Idol viewers. Now that Clive Davis is gone, Chris Daughtry is on his own. He's not Clive's pet any more. Good luck now Chris. (sic)

Congrats to David Cook..he deserved to win as he really gave his heart and soul to the Idol experience yet never expected anything! Thiose people that feel David Archie should have won are just imagining! He didn't face it and move on! He's a good singer and will do well on his own terms! In the meantime I feel David Cook is heading for a Grammy and much more!

Previous Idol winners have not been that successful in England. I have watched this series and absolutely agree that David Cook deserved to win. I hope that he comes to England to perform because I would love to hear his stunning voice live! Superb.

I'm sorry to say that the finale was indeed a big joke. David A. outsang David C. by a longshot on each of the songs they sang. David A is a better singer than David C. and we all know that for a fact!!!! Again another failure of the American people and other cultures who voted. David A. YOU are the TRUE American Idol!

Iā€™m glad Cook won. I just ordered a cool David Cook shirt from They said not to tell anyone, but here is a 10% discount code, pts10 (it is case sensitive, so copy and paste it). Enjoy!

Congrats David Cook! I feel that you really do deserve it... I'm a big fan of yours! God bless always!

David Cook did NOT win by 12 million votes - 561 people each voted 21,000 times. That isn't winning by 12 million votes, that is a travesty. David Archuleta deserves an apology. American Idol voting is nothing but a joke and ruled by those with the best dialidol software.

Congrats to David Cook!!! You are my favorite from this season. I was so elated when Ryan annouced your name, I started to cry. Best Wishes for a Shining Future--ROCK ON

I can't wait to get DC's first album - I too, hopes he puts "First time ever I saw your face" in it. When he sung that song it just opened the flood gates for me - I have always loved that song! All the best!

i loved the finale i am so
happy he won and not the other david
i would rather buy one of Cooks cda

Way to go DC!!!!! What a slap in the face to Randy & Simon- how dare they "pick" the winner! Paula may be high but she had it right!!!

Congrats David Cook!

When you make your 1st album, please
put a couple of slow ones in there too....
like "first Time Ever I Saw your Face" "Hello", you get the idea.....

A fan forever....

How come nobody has mentioned Gladys Knight and the Pips performance. The Pips being Robt Downey Jr., Jack Black and I can't remember the third one. A very funny bit. A true moment on TV. I'd love to see it again.

David Cook is an incredible talent and we are ready to hear him right now. I want them to release an album of his Idol songs on Itunes. Also want his Analog Heart re relaseed on Itunes. He really deserves to be at the top with his talent. He just gets better and better. Go David Cook!

I was shaking hoping that dc would win!!!!! IM SOOOOOO HAPPY THAT HE DID!!!!!!!!

wow thats good DC. Congrats to you.Yeah i completely agree with Alyse, they should put Archie and OneRepublic on itunes. I want it so bad. And I love 'In This Moment' by Archie too. The song is awesome.

Congratulations to both David's. They are both winners. Awesome job you guys. Two different styles two winners. God has a bigger plan for David Archuleta, he has been given at least 6 options with different major music label. Not a bad place to be. I can't wait for both their CD's. Both deserved to win. They worked hard and they both have a lot of fans.

Congrats David Cook,

Remember some slow songs on your rock album so many people will want to purchase it.
So happy you won!!!


Spokane WA

DC's first single is really good. I wish Archuleta would release a single (how about "In This Moment" - from the songwriter's contest?)

i can't wait for David Archuleta to put out a CD.... :)

btw iTunes needs to release the video of Archie & One Republic doing "Apologize" ... one of my favorite performances of the season (up there with "Imagine," "Stand by Me," "Love me Tender, & "when you believe" by Archie & "the world i know," "always be my baby," "billie jean," & "hello" by david cook, & "it's all wrong but it's all right" by michael johns).

Proud of you David Cook intuition told me you would win as you have a great talent to share with the world May every success be yours.
God Bless always

This is only the beginning. We are a very loyal fan base, and he is a uniquely talented artist.



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