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EW: 'Iron Man' deserves an Oscar!

May 5, 2008 |  2:59 pm

Entertainment Weekly insists that "Iron Man" should be a strong player at the Oscars — and not just in the tech categories. Iron_man_robert_downey_jr_3Critic Ken Tucker harrumphs at EW's PopWatch blog: "Hey, remember the whining about the last Oscar telecast, with its low-wattage star vehicles and lower ratings, and all the hand-wringing the media, including EW, did over how to improve the Oscars? Here’s a thought. Hey, Hollywood and the Motion Picture Academy: Take a closer squint at the big summer movies. Take them, ahem, seriously. As far as I’m concerned, Downey’s performance should go on any short list that anyone draws up of potential Oscar nominees."

(Photos: Paramount/ AMPAS)

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I have to agree with Mr. Tucker. Downey's performance is definitely nomination-worthy.

Also, when you consider that Gwyneth Paltrow hasn't been this good since "Shakespeare in Love," maybe she ought to be a contender in the Supporting Actress category, as well.

Tom, come on now, an Oscar for Iron Man, you are out of your mind, yes he was good, but no where Oscar Worthy... I don't disagree with you tho about looking at summer movies, but lets wait for The Dark Knight... Iron Man getting major oscar nods, that would just be bad!

The fact that Downey wasn't nominated for Zodiac is absolutely offensive.



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