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Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Sarah Silverman & Lewis Black are knocking at Emmy voters' doors

May 11, 2008 | 12:44 pm

Right now, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Lewis Black, Sarah Silverman and Carlos Mencia are landing on the doorsteps of TV academy members with episode samples of their best work from this past TV season. Comedy Central's Emmy campaign box just shipped. Contents include samplings of "The Daily Show," "The Colbert Report," "Lewis Black's Root of All Evil," "The Sarah Silverman Program," "Mind of Mencia," "Reno 911!" and the channel's recent concert special underscoring autism education, "Night of Too Many Stars." CLICK HERE TO SEE EPISODE CONTENTS OF EACH DISC.



Episode #12123
- Act 1: Headlines (Four GOP candidates skip minority debate, a habit by Republicans), Field Piece - Minority Forum (John Oliver & Larry Wilmore). Act 2: You Don't Know Dick (Super Secret Meetings; with Rob Riggle stand-up). Act 3: Guest Interview - Jack Cafferty.

Episode #13024 - Act 1: Headlines (Clemens and ex-trainer clash at steroid hearings). Act 2: Other News (Iraq Round-up); John Hodgman Commentary (al Qaeda recruitment techniques). Act 3: Guest Interview - Lee Siegel.

Episode # 3138
brings an end to Stephen Colbert’s crusade to become a presidential candidate. Colbert laments the missed opportunity for all Americans, "I had a kick-ass impeachment speech, too, for when I wildly overreached my constitutional authority. But you're never going to hear it."

Episode # 3079 confronts a health epidemic and a Republican presidential candidate. In the segment, "The Word: Pathophysiology," Stephen Colbert defends Republican Dr. James Holsinger, who believes that homosexuals are a threat to American society. Colbert also interrogates Ron Paul about his allegiance to the Republican Party.

Episode #314
- This week Carlos teaches a couple of wild animals how to live in the city, then court is back in session as Judge Carlos returns to lay down the law.

Episode #315 - This week Carlos wonders why there aren't more beaners in movies. Then he lights the opening torch for the 2nd Annual Stereotype Olympics.

"RENO 911"
Episode #502
- The deputies run into boutny hunter Tommy Hawk (Diedrich Bader), the star of his own reality television show.

Episode #504 - For a change from the trials of law enforcement, the deputies raise money by going door to door selling delicious snacks: Coconut Nut Clusters!

Episode # 201 - "Bored of the Rings"
- Sarah is tired of being woken up by church bells every Sunday morning, and goes to the church to express her outrage. Upon leaving, she is approached by several kind women who express their own frustrations with the church. Sarah joins their organization to become their most passionate recruit, unaware that they are a radical anti-abortion group.

Episode # 202 - "Doodie" - After their mother's grave – and skeleton - is defiled, the Silverman sisters become contestants on their favorite TV show in hopes of winning the money to replace the tombstone. In the stress of competition, Sarah's childish obsession with doodie humor rocks her relationship with Laura, and threatens the honor of their departed mother.

Episode # 104 - "Oprah vs. Catholic Church"
- Which is worse – a media control freak or a shame-inducing religious institution? Publicly humiliating authors who've scorned her or privately humiliating little boys? To decide, Paul F. Tompkins and Greg Giraldo go head to head in the court of the honorable judge Lewis Black, the ultimate evaluator of evil.

Episode # 107 - "Las Vegas vs. Human Body" - Hormones can make you do crazy things but so can a 60-foot-tall glittery advertisement. Do natural impulses lend to result in greater evil than those impulses brought on by slot machines and free cocktails? To decide, Andrew Daly and Patton Oswalt go head to head in the court of the honorable judge Lewis Black, the ultimate evaluator of evil.

"Night Of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert for Autism Education" aired live from the Beacon Theatre in New York City. The benefit for Autism education programs featured Jon Stewart hosting an evening filled with live performances, sketches and short films from a roster of comedy all-stars. Performers raised money to help ease the severe shortage of effective schools and education programs for autistic children and adults.