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Kenny Chesney is right! ACMs ain't the Country Folks' Choice Awards!

May 18, 2008 | 11:27 pm

Kenny Chesney took the Academy of Country Music Awards back out behind the woodpile to give 'em the whoopin' they deserve — well, actually, backstage at the ceremony in Vegas.

Hooray for the good ole boy! This year ACM chiefs pulled a dumb stunt by having website users pick the winner of the award for entertainer of the year.


That's the equivalent to the Oscars handing over the decision on what wins best picture to anonymous hooligans visiting (I know, I know, sometimes ya gotta wonder if they wouldn't come up with a better picture.) But, hey, who do the ACMs think they are? The People's Choice Awards? MTV Awards? Kid's Choice? "American Idol"? Those are all decided by Internet fans.

The ACMs are supposed to matter because they're a peer-group prize bestowed — chiefly — by West Coast-based pros in the country-music biz. By contrast, that other, similar trophy doled out by the Country Music Association has its home in Nashville. The two kudos used to honor different artists, but nowadays they tend to mirror each other six months apart (ACMs aired during May TV sweeps; CMAs during November TV sweeps).

"They took it from what the award really represents into a sweepstakes to see who can push people's buttons the hardest on the Internet," Chesney fumed to reporters back in the press room. "It's complete disrespect of the artist, what they've lowered it to. It really diminishes the integrity of the music that we're making. And I can say that because I won."

Of course, he didn't say nuthin' like on stage when he won. Instead, he gushed: "This one is really actually special because long before I had a hit record, the fans always came to the shows. And I want to thank you guys for voting and for being there for me. " If Kenny hadn't been all nice and thankful at the podium, his daddy might've taken Kenny back behind the woodpile.


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(Photo: Getty Images)

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Does anyone know the name of the song Kenny Chesney sang at the CMA?
Is it on an album?

Thank you

Thanks for doing a little reasearch and posting the whole story, finally.

No wonder his marriage was so short. His hat is too big for his pea-size brain... frickin cowboy!

Kenny accepted this award because he loves and adores his fans. Why drop out of the race and dissapoint the many fans that voted. The ACM's took the importance of this award away by making a fan base vote. Kenny is well aware that he has many commited fans. He was neglected the admiration by those who are a member of the Acadamy.

Sound on ACM Awards Show was terrible. Music drowned out many performers. Mikes should have been turned up so we could hear the voices.

He is not a hypocrite!! The ACM's made the rules he just played the game!! He is right!!!

What a HYPOCRITE! Go to his website where he encourages people to vote for him. IN BOLD BLUE LETTERS. If he thought this system was wrong, why did he support it on his website? He has 4 Entertainer of the Year awards already, he didn't need another. If he thought the system was wrong, or the award was diminished by the voting system he should have pulled his name out of the race. Easily done. WHAT A HYPOCRITE!!



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