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Mary-Kate Olsen is officially in the Emmy race!

May 4, 2008 |  9:04 pm

Believe it or not, Showtime has entered Mary-Kate Olsen in the Emmy race for best guest actress in a comedy series ("Weeds" — CLICK HERE to see), potentially pitting her against Lindsay Lohan ("Ugly Betty") and Britney Spears ("How I Met Your Mother").


Since Emmy entries cost several hundred dollars per pop, that means Showtime is serious. We're still awaiting word on whether CBS is officially entering the Britney Spears episodes or whether ABC will put up cash on Lindsay. Both are likely. (Read about Britney's Emmy shot HERE! Read about Lindsay's shot HERE! )

Mary-Kate Olsen appeared in 10 of 15 episodes of "Weeds" in season three as a pot-pushing Bible-thumper who goes ga-ga over Nancy's (Mary-Louise Parker's) son Silas (Hunter Parrish). The casting caused lots of snickering considering the notorious Manhattan club-hopper, who has suffered from a very public eating disorder, is depicted puffing a common club drug renowned for causing munchies. But she got decent notices from some TV critics and fans.

Her appearance on "Weeds" marked her first major solo turn without twin sister Ashley, with whom she last appeared on TV in 2002. That year Mary-Kate was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for best performance in a children's series ("So Little Time").

In order for Mary-Kate Olsen to be nominated for a prime-time Emmy for her role in "Weeds," she must survive two rounds of voting. The first is an outright popular vote of members of the TV academy's acting branch. If she's among the Top 10 finalists, she then must submit one sample episode to a judging panel of actors who carefully scrutinize performances. Would she even have a chance against beloved veterans giving virtuoso perfs?

Below are some comments from our message boards where I posed the question of whether or not she'll be nominated. See more, CLICK HERE.

Benito Delicias: "Believe it or not"???? What's that supposed to mean? That because she's a tabloid girl she wasn't going to get submitted? Like Britney is not gonna be on CBS's list for "HIMYM" . . . Everybody else gets submitted. Ellen Burstyn and her 14 seconds, the Scavos, Mike, Orson and John Slattery on DH, Tony Plana, Marc Indelicato, Rebecca Romijn on "Betty," the entire Office cast . . . and Kyle Chandler and Christina Ricci got nods for "Grey's Anatomy" . . . so the bar for guest nominations isn't that high.

Professor Chaos: All we need now (is) Tom asking if Joe Francis, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are worth Emmy nominations.


Turtle: Mary-Kate Olsen's work on "Weeds" is in the same category as Britney on "HIMYM" and perhaps even Victoria Beckham on "Ugly Betty." She was good, and showed she was capable of doing something other than being a tabloid queen, but it wasn't an Emmy role.