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455 entries compete for 11 program awards at the Emmys

June 13, 2008 | 10:12 am

The next time you're tempted to whine that there's nothing to watch on TV, consider this list of programs 455 series and programs contending for the Emmy Awards. Voters will choose their top 10 in each of the 11 categories. Then panels will view samples of these and weigh in with their opinions to help determine the final five nominees in each category.


While the three series categories (comedy, drama, and variety) do not provide program descriptions, the other eight categories do. And they certainly make for fun reading. For the full list of entries, CLICK HERE.

The 455 entries in the 11 categories break down as follows:

Comedy series –- 43 entries
Drama series –- 72 entries
Miniseries –- 12 entries (as Emmy rules dictate that the number of nominees cannot exceed 1/3 of the number of entries; this means only four miniseries will make the cut. )
Made for TV movies -– 43 entries
Variety, music or comedy series -– 24 entries
Variety, music or comedy special -– 45 entries
Children's program –- 20 entries
Nonfiction special –- 52 entries
Nonfiction series –- 35 entries
Reality program –- 67 entries
Reality competition program –- 42 entries