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Our gurus split over 'Guiding Light,' 'General Hospital' and 'The Young and the Restless' to win the Daytime Emmy for best drama series

June 17, 2008 |  9:04 am


Yikes! Looks like the battle to win best drama series at Friday's Daytime Emmys is a true drama — even a classic cliffhanger in the grand tradition of soaps.

When I asked four of our forums experts to rank the four nominees, three placed different shows in their No. 1 slot! However, two of those posters — east/west and Syrus80 —  agreed that "Guiding Light" is out front. The other two — Awards_Madness and Boidiva2 (our forums moderator Matthew Cormier) — ranked "Guiding Light" in second place behind their faves: "General Hospital" (Awards_Madness) and "The Young and the Restless" (Boidiva2).

Boidiva2 and east/west gave me text explanations to back up their views about this top Daytime Emmys smackdown. Text is supplied below. Note that some of our posters have seen the actual sample episodes submitted by nominees to Emmy judges. thanks the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for furnishing us with copies of those DVDs. To see our in-depth discussion of all episode entries, CLICK HERE.


MATTHEW ("BOIDIVA2") CORMIER ON RACE FOR BEST DRAMA SERIES: Having not seen the tapes for this race changes my vote I'm sure, but based on past years I'd say the results should look something like as follows . . .

Last year "The Young and the Restless" and "Guiding Light" tied in this race, but since "The Young and the Restless" leads all shows in nominations this year, it is a surefire bet to win. The fact that Lynn Marie Latham is very popular in the industry (despite terrible reviews this last season and massive viewer erosion) should help the show to win. "Guiding Light" also remains popular with viewers despite negative fan response.


"General Hospital" is always a factor to win, but based on the fact that this year it received only one acting nomination, I doubt it will win, and "One Life to Live" is truly the ugly stepsister of daytime. It receives nowhere near the same level of attention as other shows on daytime and has only won this race once before (2002). If people want to vote for an ABC show, they'll likely go with "General Hospital," which seems to be the crown jewel of ABC's lineup. Also if "General Hospital" wins this year, it breaks its own record for most wins in this category. This would be its 10th win.

EAST/WEST ON RACE FOR BEST DRAMA SERIES: "Guiding Light" should win this. IMO they have the best submissions. Tammy’s death and the 70th anniversary episodes were parallel to each other and both were done well. "The Young and the Restless" submitted their best and will probably win. The only thing LML did last year that was good was giving Melody Thomas Scott career-defining work and the plane crash episode they submitted. The "Out of the Ashes" ( "GH" stunt) they submitted was OK, but nothing special. "General Hospital" "24"-style episodes were great, but they submitted the wrong ones. But since the academy loves "General Hospital," they could upset. "One Life to Live" submitted badly. Why would they put that D-rated "High School Musical" knockoff on their reel? The only best part of the "One Life to Live" submission was Asa’s death and even that couldn’t help them win this.

Should Win: "Guiding Light"
Will Win: "The Young and the Restless"
Upset: "General Hospital"