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Is Katherine Heigl ditching Emmy for Oscar?

June 12, 2008 | 10:25 am


Perhaps so. Variety reports that disgruntled Emmy champ Katherine Heigl — who took herself out of contention this year after getting cheated out of face time on "Grey's Anatomy" — will be assuming one of those real-life roles that smacks of Oscar bait.

"Katherine Heigl will star in and produce the feature film adaptation of 'Escape,' the bestselling memoir of Carolyn Jessop, whose testimony helped convict polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs," Variety reports. "Jessop was born into the Fundamentalist Church of Latter-Day Saints sect. At 18 she married a man 32 years her senior; at 35, she fled with her eight children."


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I highly doubt that she's heading so fast towards an oscar but I've been surprised before. This is clearly a move to get a rise out of the producers of the show(for what?, who knows)by pissing off the writers who I have been reading the writers have done what they can to accommodate her schedule around the films she recently did(and the staff is clearly pissed at these remarks). I admire the outspoken actresses but she may bitten more off than she can chew in this case.

Katherine should consider a little respect for the writers and the casting staff of Grey's because without the show she is nothing but a memory of an starlet. Maybe her head is full of nicotine that is why she is saying such things. Or maybe pay checks are also appearing into her head that is why she is so arrogant giving opinions such as this.

This is brilliant. So KH doesn't put her name in for an Emmy (and honestly, when you have one, do you need a bunch more?), gets all the attention so when the Emmys roll around every media outlet will want to talk to her and what will she have to talk about: Her New Movie! If people haven't picked up on her brilliance yet, you are not moving fast enough.

What makes her think she is such a great actress? Oprah took her name off after winning over so many years. She got her first Emmy last year and now she thinks she is so special. Get a life...remember when you stop getting notice is when you have somehting to talk about



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