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Lindsay Lohan didn't submit herself for an Emmy — but Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and Mary-Kate Olsen are in the race

June 13, 2008 |  1:35 pm

Katherine Heigl isn't the only TV lovely who didn't think she had enough quality face time on the tube to merit submitting herself for Emmy consideration.


Lindsay Lohan ("Ugly Betty") chose not to enter the Emmy race either, which may be surprising considering that so many of her tabloid sisters are in the running. Two compete in the category that Lohan dodges — best guest actress in a comedy series: Britney Spears ("How I Met Your Mother") and Mary-Kate Olsen ("Weeds"). They'll compete against 39 rivals who also entered that category.

"Hannah Montana" star Miley Cyrus joined the smackdown of 25 gals battling it out to be chosen best lead actress in a comedy series.

Lohan didn't submit herself for contention in the guest race because "the appearance was brief," notes her rep Leslie Sloane. "We made a decision to wait."

Next TV season Lohan will appear in at least six episodes of "Betty" and will get more face time than she did in her debut appearance last month. In the season finale she uttered only four lines in a scene less than a minute long as she invited Betty Suares (America Ferrera) to play dodge ball with her team. When Betty accepted, happy to be wanted, she discovered that Lohan and her sinister cohorts only wanted to use her as a human shield against a barrage of flung balls.

See the video clip of Lindsay's role, CLICK HERE!

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I can't believe that she would feel it even nessessary to make a statement regaurding this!! I found out the whole story here: Check out move on this breaking story of Lohan's crazy life on CelebTV at:



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