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Whoopi Goldberg on being Tony Awards' host

June 15, 2008 | 10:03 am


How will Whoopi Goldberg fare as host of the Tony Awards this Sunday night? No doubt she'll be socko. Whoopi Goldberg consistently scores great reviews when presiding over award ceremonies. In our video chat, which was taped one day after Tony nominations were unveiled, the past Oscars emcee (four times) and Grammycast ringmaster reveals the secret of succeeding in the job.

This is the first time Whoopi will take command of the Tonys' stage, which must mean a lot to her. It was Broadway that made her a superstar in 1984 after director Mike Nichols discovered her off-Broadway show and moved it to the rialto where Steven Spielberg saw it and cast her in "The Color Purple." Over the course of her career since, she has emerged as one of only 10 famous folk to win the whole showbiz grand slam: Oscar, Tony, Emmy, Grammy.

Curiously, she didn't win her Tony for her (infamously outrageous) Broadway show — or for its revival 20 years later. What did she prevail for? Watch our video chat!