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Emmys spy report from secret judge No. 2: Huzzahs for 'Boston Legal,' 'Damages,' 'House' and 'Mad Men'

June 28, 2008 | 11:36 pm

Our trusty forums moderator Chris "Boomer" Beachum got some dish on Saturday's Emmys judging panel at the TV academy today too and gives this report in our forums. (CLICK HERE!) Based upon what he heard from secret Emmy judge No. 2, Boomer believes the five nominees will be "Boston Legal," "Damages," "Grey's Anatomy," "House" and "Mad Men." "I think 'Grey's Anatomy' is on the bubble, though," he adds, "and could be replaced by 'Lost' or 'The Wire' (in that order). There is no realistic chance for 'Friday Night Lights,' 'Dexter' or 'The Tudors.'"

Boomer's prediction agrees with four of those from our secret Emmys judge No. 1: "Boston Legal," "Damages," "House" and "Mad Men." Judge 2 discounts the hopes of "The Wire" and gives much higher marks to "Lost." CLICK HERE to see our first judge's predix. If both sets of predix prove true about two shows — "Damages" and "Mad Men" — they will become the first non-HBO cable series ever nominated for best drama series. (No non-HBO cable series has ever been nominated for best comedy series either, by the by.)

Words below are Boomer's based upon our second report:

1. Today's 10 episodes were viewed alphabetically starting with "Boston Legal" and ending with "The Wire." Tomorrow's (Sunday's) drama panel will have these reversed. The lunch break was after "Friday Night Lights" and before "Grey's Anatomy."

2. This panel had about 30 people (few of them under age 50). One voter said that may make the appeal of "Mad Men" even greater because many of them were actually working in the 1960s. By the way, that voter had "Mad Men's" episode ranked fourth overall.

3. "Grey's Anatomy" only had Part 1 of "Freedom" as the show's entry. There was some audible grumbling in the room that these voters were left hanging on what happened in the last half. I heard that one voter had it ninth on their ballot.



4. "The Wire" had the longest episode at the end of the day (when people were really ready to go home). One voter placed it No. 1 on his ballot even though he isn't a regular viewer of the show.

5. Appropriate laughs at the right times for "Boston Legal," "Damages," "Grey's Anatomy" and "House."

6. I asked one voter about the ability to understand Lost. He said that he isn't a regular viewer but was very impressed and thought it had an arc that would be clear to at least a casual viewer. He wondered if some of the older non-viewers would understand or not.

7. The blood in "Dexter" really didn't go over well at all.

8. I know that one voter didn't go for "Boston Legal" very much and had it in eighth place.

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