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Secret Emmys judge No. 1 gives us his spy report on Saturday's judging panel — PLUS he predicts the nominees!

June 28, 2008 |  9:54 pm

Bad news for fans of the gritty, critically hailed cop show that just tossed in its badge at HBO.

"If anything is certain it's that "The Wire" is not going to be nominated!" declares our secret Emmys judge No. 1 after enduring the marathon screenings of episode samples entered in the race for best drama series. Panel viewings occurred today at the TV academy's headquarters in North Hollywood and the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Judges viewed the series finale of "The Wire," titled "30," which may not have been easily accessible to viewers who don't regularly watch the low-rated sleeper.

Throughout today, as judges viewed the eppys, our secret Emmy judge No. 1 sent us these e-mails from his hand-held — see below —. Compare to THIS REPORT from secret Emmy judge No. 2 (who disagrees on how "The Wire" was assessed, by the way).

First e-mail today: "'Damages' is in for the nom and these people eat 'Boston Legal' up. I would say 'Dexter' and 'Friday Night Lights' have no chance."

Later: "'Lost' nailed it! Finally should get back into the final five. 'House' should easily land itself another spot on the nom list. Starting to wonder if 'Grey's Anatomy' will be able to make it in. If it does it will be because of the popular vote and not from the submission."

Finally, his sum-up: "The nominees for this years Drama series will be 'Boston Legal,' 'Damages,' 'House,' 'Lost,' 'Mad Men.' The only thing I am not certain about is 'Grey's Anatomy.' If the popular vote is strong enough to pull it in, I fear that it might bump out 'Lost.' I do know that 'Lost' got quite a few top votes, including mine."

After sending us the above reports, judge 1 sent these followup views. KEEP READING - CLICK HERE!

Below are the titles of the episodes viewed by judges, who scored them 1 (best) to 10. Their scores will be mixed by accountants on a 50/50 basis with results of the original popular vote to determine the five nominees that will be released July 17.

"Boston Legal" ("The Court Supreme")
"Damages" (Pilot)
"Dexter" ("The Dark Defender")
"Friday Night Lights" ("Leave No One Behind")
"Grey’s Anatomy" ("Freedom, Parts 1 and 2" are both listed as official academy entries, but we hear that only part one is actually being seen by judges)
"House" ("Frozen")
"Lost" ("The Constant")
"Mad Men" (Pilot, "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes")
"The Tudors" (#205)
"The Wire" (Series finale, "30")


"'The Wire' seemed like it would never end. (Note to producers: Don't pick episodes that seem like they are three hours long.) I have never been a devoted watcher of the show, but the episodes I have seen throughout the years I have really enjoyed. The reaction to the show was terrible! And trust me . . . I'm the one that told you 'Lost' wouldn't get nommed two years ago. 'The Wire' was just too much of story that seemed just so uninteresting.

"Putting this on the table: 'Dexter' is my favorite show on TV. It saddened me that the show won't be nominated due to submission choice. I felt like this past season had so many episodes that just hit it out of the park. 'The Dark Defender' did not. Jaime Murray should win an Emmy though.

"This was the first season of 'Grey's Anatomy' that I didn't watch faithfully. The episode was OK, nothing special. Same old tricks up their sleeve. I just feel like the clock might be up on this show awards-wise.

"'Boston Legal' isn't my favorite show, but voters eat it up. Enough said.

"'Friday Night Lights' should just be honored to have made the Top 10 again. I don't think there was anything wrong with their submission. There were just so many better shows.

"'The Tudors' really is a very well done and beautiful looking show but too hard to get into compared to its competition.

"Henry Ian Cusick MUST win the Emmy! His episode will hopefully land 'Lost' back in the five.

"'Mad Men' and 'Damages' both submitted nicely and once again. 'House' did a great job picking a great eppy. All three will get in."

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