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Will child sex scandal doom R. Kelly at future Grammys?

June 9, 2008 | 10:44 am

R. Kelly may be a music superstar, but he's never won one of the three highest honors of his profession: the Grammy Awards for record, song or album of the year.

R. Kelly did win three Grammys in those second-tier slots back in 1997: R&B song, R&B male vocal and best song written for a film ("I Believe I Can Fly").

Now that he's mired in a shocking sex scandal involving an underaged girl, we must wonder: Can he ever recover? Even if he's found not quilty, he might experience the Naraskellykind of career slide that befell Michael Jackson after being acquitted of child molestation.

However, it's also possible that R. Kelly could rally spectacularly at showbiz awards in the future someday, like Roman Polanski did, winning an Oscar (best director, "The Pianist") nearly three decades after being convicted of the statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl.

When I posed the question of his future Grammy fate to our forum posters, these were some of the replies:

Booyahboy: "If he gets convicted, I think that would scare the Grammys away from him. Most people would find it pretty hard to reward a sex offender. "

Fighting4Justice: "When was the last time he released anything worth rewarding? To me, he's completely irrelevant at the moment. "

Gucci: "This won't affect R. Kelly's Grammy chances in the top races. His material will. That's why he'll always be relegated to the R&B categories. "

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Actually, R.Kelly did win the grammy for Record of the Year for I Believe I can Fly.

Sad to say, but R. Kelly has never really been embraced by the Grammys like he did in 1998 so I don't think he'll get a nod from them or any other award show ever again. Even if he's acquitted, I think he has a chance in hell if he thinks his work will get a nomination.



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