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Will Razzie voters get smitten by Mike Myers and Justin Timberlake in 'The Love Guru'?

June 18, 2008 |  2:38 pm

From the first reviews for his new movie "The Love Guru", it looks like the only kudos coming Mike Myers' way this year will be Razzie Awards. The film, in which Myers plays, no lie, an Indian swami, is currently rated as an absolute zero by Rotten Tomatoes.


Just two weeks ago, the comedian hosted the MTV Movie Awards to promote the release of "The Love Guru," his first live-action picture in five years. His last such movie, the costly "The Cat in the Hat," disappointed Dr. Seuss fans and critics alike earning just $100 million in the U.S. and eight Razzie nods in 2003. Luckily for Myers and company, that was also the year of Bennifer and "Gigli." However, Myers' new movie, which costars two other lightning rods for the critics -- Jessica Alba and Justin Timberlake -- can't count on an even worse reviewed one coming out this year. Indeed, "The Happening" which landed with such a splat last weekend, scoring only 21 at Rotten Tomatoes, seems like a critical darling by comparison.

While the goose egg for "The Love Guru" is based on only the first six reviews, don’t bet on that number rising into even the double digits by the time the film opens Friday. By comparison, the tepid response so far to "Get Smart," which also debuts this weekend, makes that TV show adaptation seem like a comic gem. With the red hot Steve Carell and the still hot Anne Hathaway assuming the roles of Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 and Oscar winner Alan Arkin onboard as the Chief, this comic caper looks likely to be the box office winner this weekend.

Mike Myers began his career on TV, winning an Emmy Award in 1989 for writing in the first of his six seasons on "Saturday Night Live." One of his most successful characters on that late-night sketch show provided the inspiration for his first feature film, "Wayne's World," in 1992. While the 1993 sequel was certainly not its equal, Myers' other film that year, "So I Married An Axe Murderer," was a resounding failure. Only with "Austin Powers" in 1999, did Myers bounce back and the three films in that franchise and then the "Shrek" series have kept him on the A list. They have won him six MTV Movie Awards as well as the MTV Generation Award last year.