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Will Alanis Morissette find favor at Grammys with 'Flavors of Entanglement'?

June 10, 2008 |  3:10 pm


Alanis Morissette can only hope that seven is still her lucky number. After all, she has seven Grammy Awards and another seven nominations. But the last of those nods came back in 2001. Now, with the release of her seventh studio album — "Flavors of Entanglement" — will Alanis Morissette return to the race for awards gold?

While reviews for the album are still forthcoming, we do know that the singer-songwriter's latest burst of creativity was fueled by the end of her four-year relationship with actor Ryan Reynolds. The last time Morissette turned her heartache into music was with "Jagged Little Pill" back in 1995. That album transformed her from teenybopper to torch singer and won her four Grammy Awards.

Following that phenomenal success — with 14 million albums sold in the U.S. alone — there was nowhere for Morissette to go but down. Her three follow-up albums sold progressively fewer copies and neither of the last two — "Under Rug Swept" in 2001 and "So-Called Chaos" from 2004 — yielded any Grammy Awards nominations.

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