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'30 Rock' breaks comedy record at Emmy nominations

July 17, 2008 |  6:57 am

By scoring 17 nominations today, "30 Rock" set a record for most bids among comedy series. Previous champ: "The Larry Sanders Show" (16 in 1997). Mind you, that's not the biggest score among series. "NYPD Blue" pulled that off in 1994 with 26 nods.

Best drama series nominee "Mad Men" scored 16. "Pushing Daisies" pushed through for 12 but didn't get nommed for best comedy!

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Hating to be a squeaky wheel, I wonder if it makes any difference that Roots' nominations were categorized mostly under Drama Series? Making the Angels in America mini-series the previous recordholder...

Previously, the biggest tally of bids for a mini-series was actually for Angels in America, with 21 nominations.

I'm thrilled about John Adams particularly about the nomination for Stephen Dillane who was BRILLIANT as Thomas Jefferson.

Tom, you are right about John Adams breaking the nomination record, but it actually broke Angels in America record. It was nominated for 21 awards, winning 11. Just letting you know!



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