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Will 'So You Think You Can Dance' upstage 'Dancing with the Stars' and 'High School Musical 2' at the Emmys?

July 19, 2008 |  4:51 pm

Looks like "Dancing with the Stars" may be an Emmy wallflower again this year, at least when it comes to winning the award for choreography. "So You Think You Can Dance" took three of the five slots and "High School Musical 2" took another, leaving Julianne Hough as the sole contender for teaching celebrities how to trip the light fantastic. (See full list of nominees HERE.)


Last year, "Dancing with the Stars" was the lone loser while the high-energy "So You Think You Can Dance" took two of the Emmys for choreography and "Tony Bennett: An American Classic" won the third. And two years ago, despite three nominations, "Dancing with the Stars" was left on the sidelines as "High School Musical" won the only Emmy awarded for choreography.

Overall, the boffo ratings of "Dancing" have not translated into much Emmy gold. Two years ago, the show went 2 for 6 with wins for technical direction and costumes. Last year it went 0 for 8 and this year it is also up for eight awards. Perhaps recent winner Kristi Yamaguchi's Olympic gold medal for figure skating can rub off on the show when they start doling out those golden Emmys.

Right now "So You Think You Can Dance" is one of the hottest TV shows in America. Just last week "So You Think You Can Dance" won its time slot on Thursday night, drawing nearly 8 million viewers. Such intense interest in the sexy TV show right now can only help to give it an extra kick in Emmy voting.

Photo: Fox