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Eddie Murphy, be very afraid: Razzie voters are probably eager to 'Meet Dave'

July 15, 2008 |  1:12 pm

Eddie Murphy used to be one of the hippest superstars in Hollywood, but ever since he stomped out of the Oscar ceremony after losing best supporting actor for "Dreamgirls," he seems to have entered Razzie territory . . . deeper and deeper.

Earlier this year Eddie Murphy didn't just "win" for "Norbit," he set a new Razzie record, becoming the first star ever to reap three of the four worst-acting trophies in a single year. All were for Eddie Murphy's multiple roles in worst-picture nominee "Norbit" — as the nerdy title character (worst actor), Asian role Mr. Wong (worst supporting actor) and 400-pound shrew Rasputia (worst supporting actress).


Murphy had been nominated for Razzies in the past: worst actor ("Pluto Nash") and worst screen couple (shared with "Showtime" costars Robert DeNiro and Owen Wilson) and he even "won" worst screenplay for "Harlem Nights." But those were all really playful jabs at a popular megastar who could use some humbling.

Nowadays it looks like the Razzies really mean it and think that Eddie deserves a true pummeling.

If so, what will voters do to his latest fiasco — "Meet Dave"? It's not only one of the worst reviewed flicks of the year (20% at, but a financial bomb too, which suggests that Eddie's even been ditched by those core fans who used to rush out to see any previous duds trashed by film critics.

Murphy has fallen so low in esteem of late that those wags at VH1's "Best Week Ever" are dancing on his movie grave, asking, "Just how bad was 'Meet Dave's' $5.3-million performance at the box office this weekend? Consider that the following 50 movies earned more." Below some examples. To see more — CLICK HERE.

1.) "Soul Plane" - $5,648,486
2.) "Good Burger" - $7,058,333
3.) "Corky Romano" - $9,023,173
4.) "Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever" - $7,010,474
5.) Son of the Mask - $7,511,675
8.) "Battlefield Earth" - $11,548,898
10.) "Fear Dot Com" - $5,710,128
12.) "Vampire in Brooklyn" - $7,045,379
15.) "Freddy Got Fingered" - $7,098,459
23.) "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" in its 30th week of release ($5,854,005)

(Photo: 20th Century Fox)