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Status update: Our tattle on these Emmy Top 10 lists

July 2, 2008 |  4:30 pm

We're almost done blabbing all of the top Emmy lists. All we need now are three more names that are missing from our lineup for best lead comedy actor and then we'll have every entry for best lead and supporting actor and actress in a comedy and drama series. Plus we've got the lineup for best guest actress in a comedy series. Ha! Not bad for skulduggery done over 72 hours, eh? Soon we'll have even more! So stay tuned, as we say in the TV biz.

So far we've learned and/or leaked:

Best drama and comedy seriesCLICK HERE
Best drama actorCLICK HERE
Best drama actressCLICK HERE
Best supporting drama actorCLICK HERE
Best supporting drama actressCLICK HERE
Best comedy actor CLICK HERE
Best comedy actressCLICK HERE
Best supporting comedy actor CLICK HERE
Best supporting comedy actressCLICK HERE
Best guest comedy actressCLICK HERE
Best guest drama actor CLICK HERE

Below: Breakdown of the reports of our spies at the TV academy judging panels.

DRAMA-SERIES PANEL: Tattle from Secret Judge No. 1 — CLICK HERE

DRAMA-SERIES PANEL: Tattle from Secret Judge No. 2 — CLICK HERE

COMEDY-SERIES PANEL: Tattle from Secret Judge No. 1 — CLICK HERE

COMEDY-SERIES PANEL: Tattle from Secret Judge No. 2 — CLICK HERE

COMEDY-SERIES PANEL: Tattle from Secret Judge No. 3 — CLICK HERE


I have the list of contenders for best supporting comedy actress, but I want to confirm a few things before releasing it. At this point I am absolutely certain of these entries: Elizabeth Perkins ("Weeds"), Holland Taylor ("Two and a Half Men") and Vanessa Williams ("Ugly Betty").

By the way, we're very sorry, Emmy fans, that the TV academy tries to hide this information from you. The Oscars and Daytime Emmys don't pull this — they release all info in every race that involves a runoff. Without exception. Those two groups know that the whole point of having these awards isn't to pass out fake gold statuettes. It's to promote a public discussion of what comprises, in this case, the best TV, so that means the Emmys should open up the voting process on every level. This is the third year in a row that Gold Derby is giving you this information because the TV academy won't. ATAS did divulge the two Top 10 lists of semifinalists in the races for comedy and drama series this year. Hooray. That's a good start, but, strangely, it then issued a statement insisting that it won't reveal any more Emmy info. Why? Why give us two lists, but not others? That makes no sense. But the academy hasn't made sense on this issue since it introduced the runoffs three years ago. So we're trying to inject logic into this process for you, dear Emmy fan! And for the academy too, because the Emmy is the greatest showbiz award of them all. It matters.

Ah well, If nothing else, all this skulduggery has been fun while we dig up this precious info for you! I have a hunch it's going to end soon, though. ATAS doesn't like Gold Derby acting all jolly like this. They've publicly admitted that the reason they unveiled the series lists is to stop us from doing so. Well, let's hope they now do the same thing in the future with the acting lists. We wouldn't mind a bit!


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I am so sick of seeing the same names every Emmys! And no actors with any substance ever win! Mariska Hargitay should've won, as well as Hugh Laurie.

I definately agree that Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz deserved a nomination.

After reading this -- I will never watch the emmys again -- ignorant fools sitting in the dark!

Ellen Pompeo Deserved this. She was robbed again.

Fox:. I expected him to be in the top 10 at least.

Arquette was horrible this season, having there is a joke.

Ellen Pompeo saved Grey's Anatomy in season 4. she was phenomenal, she deserves the Emmy the Globe, all of it. Meredith Grey is a very difficult character to portray, and she does it flawlessly.


It is nice to see Arquette and Sedgwick in the top ten again this year, as they truly deserve it. What other actresses TRULY carry shows on their backs like these two talented women do? Arquette and Sedgwick deseve all the recognition they can get, and then some.

I won't be watching the emmy's. It irks me that actor's deserving of an award either miss out to someone less deserving, or they get snubbed altogether. The year's biggest snub - Ellen Pompeo. What the hell does it take for her to get nominated. The only reason I care about GA is because of her and her fantastic, consistant acting. She isn't over-the-top or overly dramatic like Katherine heigl, she is believable and real. She has done a marvellous job of portraying an incredibly messed up and complex character with no recognition for her out-standing work. Also, Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz deserved an Emmy nod this year, but Emily Deschanel in particular. Her work on 'Bones' has been fantastic. What is the point in watching the Emmy's when the same people are always nominated year-in, year-out, regardless of the standard of their work? It's boring, predictable and a little pathetic.

Totally disappointed that EP was left out, and others who deserved a nomination. Seems the emmy's have no integrity if those who more than deserve to win the award don't even get nominated. Since when was the fact that you were well known for movies translate to the small screen awards?

Looking forward to seeing more from the actresses/actors that consistantly give us quality performances, even if they are overlooked time and time again.

Shame, Ellen Pompeo was outstanding in season 4, specially the after the strike parts.

She has to be recognized by the Globes and awarded for her amazing portrayel of Meredith Grey on Grey's Anatomy. she has been truly amazing. She really saved season 4.

I thought the Emmy rewards the performance of an actor/actress, not the fact that he/she is a movie star with his/her face all over the mags...

Ellen Pompeo being snubbed again, it's a shame, Emmy's voters have no credibility and integrity.

Its nice to see Kyle Chandler up there.
But I am sad Ellen pompeo was left out again. the leading lady Emmys are loooking like a joke, same women each year. it's not right and it's not fair.
Pompeo was amazing in season 4. she lifted the show, made it great again. I wish the Globes would treat her better.

Ellen Pompeo, snubbed again. she was excelent. she IS excellent. I want the Globes to recognize her. she deserves an award for her GREAT work on Grey's.

Ellen Pompeo. Truly deserved to be in the top 5 of best actresses on tv this season. She made the end of Season 4 amazing. Her flaws, her breakthrough, her presence brought the show up a notch!

Where is Ellen Pompeo. seriously!!!
how can so many supposed smart tv watchers not recognize her talents and amazing preformance on Grey's this past season??? this award show is turning into a joke. no fairness what so ever.

Seriously where is Ellen POMPEO?!?! Ellen was exceptional this season on Grey's and deserves a nomination this year!

So sad to hear that nobody liked "The Wire". Yes the submission was a poor choice...who would want to watch the SERIES finale of a show they have never watched before?

Really Emmy guys should be ashamed for not watching a show like The Wire regularly. After all you guys are handing out the awards. And if you did watch The Wire you would realize how amazing it is, and much better than all of the other shows on that list.

Kyra Sedgwick and Patricia Arquette AGAIN!!!! Common.. they did nothing that really stood out the past season. give others who did excell and show amazing performances a chance for Gods sake. Have a fair competition for once. or does that not exist in the Emmy vocabulary at all.

ELLEN POMPEO deserves it this year. She did an amazing job as Meredith Grey the past 4 seasons but in season 4, she was outstanding. She needs to be rewarded for that. 20 million people who watch Greys agree with that. Why can't the Emmy voters see it. or did someone pay them not to. I'm starting to think so.

So many deserving actors are being snubbed for not so good usual names just because you know them for 20 years.



Tom -

Are you going to have the shortlists for Guest Actor/Actress in a Drama?

Thanks for providing all this information; hopefully all of your work will make the Emmy's realize the error of their ways.

I secretly hope that when you reveal the shortlist for best actor in a comedy that one or both of the flight of the conchords leads is on it! I know it would be a longshot for them to even make the short list and virtually impossible for them to be nominated, but hey, crazier things have happened.

Where is ELLEN POMPEO???!!! This award is ridiculous right now. Always the same names. Always the same overrated actresses. Boring

Keep up the good work, Tom. You're absolutely right that fans and viewers should be given the opportunity to see behind the process.



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