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'Grey's Anatomy' to Katherine Heigl: Emmy revenge can be murder?

July 11, 2008 |  4:49 pm

Uh-oh! Could we have blood on our cyber-hands soon, Derbyites? Marc Malkin of E! Online reports: "Latest buzz hissing from the set of the ABC hit is that creator Shonda Rhimes may be entertaining the idea of Katherine_heigl_greys_anatomy_emmy_ killing off Katherine Heigl's Dr. Isobel 'Izzie' Stevens because of the now infamous remarks Heigl made about the upcoming Emmys.

"'It's not good there,' a source tells me of the 'Grey's Anatomy' set. Shonda is pissed. They're thinking of killing her off. They want Izzie dead.'" READ MORE

However, a network source tells the L.A. Times: that rumor isn't true. Heigl is under contract and will be back next season. When we contacted Heigl's rep for input, she said, "No comment."

The nasty battle over Katherine Heigl going AWOL from the Emmys started right here at this blog when I posted links to the lists that the TV academy members used while voting. One of our forum posters named KellyClarksonFan just happened to notice that last year's winner Katherine Heigl of "Grey's Anatomy" was missing from the eligibility list. When I asked Katherine Heigl's rep for comment, we got a wallop of a response!

Instead of giving us one of those namby-pamby replies, Heigl said, "I did not feel that I was given the material this season to warrant an Emmy nomination and in an effort to maintain the integrity of the academy organization, I withdrew my name from contention. In addition, I did not want to potentially take away an opportunity from an actress who was given such materials."

Furious, "a key show insider" told "The show bent over backwards to accommodate her film schedule, and then she criticizes the show for lack of material? It's an ungrateful slap in the face to the very writers responsible for her Emmy win in the first place."

(Photo: ABC)

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ok this is what i dont get katherine is not that important to the show now that her cancer is gone and every thing so they really dont need her. and another thing they've made her kind of crazy sense her cancer and t.r. is gone i mean she was laghing at a funeral for goodnes sake. im not glad she's gone but i wont miss her.

Kill Izzie and fire Katherine. Her character is annoyingly stupid. And her I am the greatest most pure best actress crap is just that - crap. She caused the Isiah Washington thing to never die and now it is karma! Die Izzie die! Go away Katherine go away fast. She makes me change the channel. I will not Tivo the show until she is gone.

Grey's Anatomy was excellent television they went to extreme when they took Burke off an excellent example for fatherless males of what you can do with education. It was healing for our racial issues but I guess the medical students on the show were the only ones being taught the kids that are watching your show lost when you wiped out characters. Recognize the messages you are sending when you handle problems with the cast. You wiped out a whole bunch of teens dreams of becoming doctors male and female and you left a gaping hole where racism is concerned. Bring back the cast and stay on the air.

Who cares if she is on or off the show. She isn't that great an actress anyway. Give someone a show that does well and two years later they go insane thinking they are up there with the likes of Julie Roberts and Angelina Jolie.

Write her off,who cares.

i am 100% sure that the comment made by katherine was purely an honest but careless opinion not intended to insult whatsoever....i believe that it was severely misinterpreted by some and worst some might seek the opportunity to ruin her present status or her new found fame....i know that all of the characters in GA are essential to the series but lets admit it guys whether you agree or not that izzie was the spice, the life, the charm of GA...killing her will be like killing GA...i also see why the comment was made huge of a deal by others, but hey guys do you think katherine was that stupid to make a public insult to the person's who made her famous...what will she get from it? of what benefit? what will she extract from throwing intended insult? will she extract more popularity? more money? more fans? Do you really think she was that stupid enough?
I also know that we must seperate her character from her true personality...and i see her as of now not the Dr. Steven's in GA but a mere celebrity entitled to make her own true mistake, after all she's not perfect, no one's dont judge her just because of a comment, its far too immature and irresponsible on our part to do that...we all commit mistakes...
I once read a qoute which in summary means people tend to see the things they want to see because it sumhow reflects their short how you perceive the comment was how you choose to understand it and how u understand it was how you want to believe it, its your full of loathe or be understanding, its your choice.

I can't stand her character anyway.... I'll be overjoyed if they write her off! How ungrateful -- she was a nobody before GA, now she thinks she's hot stuff.... let her go out and fight for movie roles with all those actresses who are WAY more talented than she is!

I have to agree with the comments above. Once Dr. Burke was no longer part of the show it went down hill. Plus the change in schedule didn't help at all. Take Izzy off and you'll really sink.

I pretty much quit watching the show when they moved it to Thursday night....I kept forgetting it was on. I've pretty much quit watching it. It used to be on Sunday night....The writers that write for GA are the same ones that write for Army Wives...I have enjoyed that show much better than GA....I like Izzy's character better than the rest....they killed a great story line between....Christina and Dr Burke by firing him.....I don't see this show surviving much longer.

The first bad decision the writers of GA made, was to let Katherine's character go down hill (meaning, her lack of an amazing role, that not only she is entitled to, but that the viewers WANT to see)..and the second, is that they fail to see her reasoning behind this entire debacle. As far as I can see, Heigl did nothing but speak her opinion, put her foot down at the right time, and do a kind gesture for those who she felt were more deserving of an award because they got to show their talent through some great roles. Not only was it the honest thing for her to do, but everyone needs to stop and remember that she KNEW saying this and doing what she did, would result in such a fiasco, and therefore she obviously thought it through and STILL felt justified enough to do the right thing. I say, WAY TO GO KATHERINE! The writers should be proud of such a generous and considerate actress, and they should be ashamed of ever considering killing off her character.

Furthermore, Id like to point out that Heigl's character isn't HER...its a role...its get off your high horse Shonda, and remember that youre working to KEEP a great show--and killing off main characters is going to result in another Mischa Barton incident...Greys will go down the hole as another "that show used to be my favourite."

Katherine Heigl is an amazing actress, and a decent human being. Not only should you cut her some slack, but how about throwing her some decent lines like you used to...or maybe giving her some juicey scenes. I still cant get over how amazing the death of Denny was--broke my heart--but it was touching and SO IZZY...and for her to just get over it so quickly and then you give her NOTHING...was just selfish writing.

The show isnt the show without all 5 interns. PAY ATTENTION!!

If she kicks out, I will stop watching!!! NEVER will I EVER watch the show again without Izzie! Im watching Grey's because of Alex/Izzie, and there is no Alex/Izzie without Izzie!!!

do not even go there... if you kick izzie out, it will be a disaster... she is the a major part of the whole grey's anaotmy charm... she is the sunshine to merideth's gloom if you kill her there is no difference between this one and the gloomy ER... there wont be any star power left... she has every right to be pissed at her story arc... she was made out to be the go to girl to kiss when your life doesnt make sense... george, alex and what not... her acting in season 2 and season3 warranted a nomination and guess what! SHE FREAKING WON!!! lay your hands off izzie stevens...
and as a side note? why the hell is sandra oh not winning these awards each year? she is spectacular.!!!

Nasty lady and crumy actress. 27 dresses was a disaster. Goodbye!

I agree, the writers are what made the show suck this past season. Heigl was wrong to say all those things but in a way, she is right!! I love Grey's but come on the writers are bringing the show down hill, more like running the show down hill. Just think why was his season shortened by about 6 or 7 episodes, why did grey's loose 5 milion veiwers, the writers!!!! i know Katherine was out of line to say those things but she sould not get fired. i seee why Washington was fired but Katherine did not do something as bad as Washington to get fired and i really dont want Kat to be fired cuz of the fanally and the whole alez/izxie love. Grey's will not be the same. everyone will make a bad mistake once or twice, just forgive heigl. and if this keeps happening for every litttle mistake someone does they get fired? well shondra will loose the who cast!!!!

I think everyone is forgetting a very important fact. Katherine Heigl only plays Izzie Stevens, it's not who she is and it really doesn't matter. When it comes down to it, she is an actress. Hollywood isn't generally known for wanting to be respectable. It is all about how much money you can make. Katherine's bad attitude may not make the writers happy, but they have to get over it. Izzie is the one Grey's character that is still relatable for the average person and they need that. With the writers strike finally over, the last thing we want to hear is more whining from the writer's. Focus on what your paid to do, write a story that people want to hear... if the last season is any indicator, trying to do anything else obviously isn't good for business.


Cut off your nose to spite your face much, Shonda?!

GelEGuy, too bad you missed Season 4, where your wish came true. They gave KH deaming storylines, like resuscitating a deer and Izzie gate. I can still hear my hunting buddies laughing about the deer storyline...

It wasn't Heigl who brought down the ratings last year, it was the writers. If the show wants to survive, they better put more effort into the writing and not worry about one comment by an Emmy winner.

Katherine Heigl is annoying and whiny, and constantly complains about movie projects she's worked on, currently working on, or anything else work-related or script-related. A little humility wouldn't kill her, and Grey's would survive without stupid Izzie in the background. All she did was steal another woman's husband, cut an LVAD wire, and bake a bunch of muffins. I say, Shonda Rimes is brilliant to cut this brat off the show that made her famous. More power to Grey's.

I for one will NOT watch the show if they kill her off or if she leaves.

The writing and storylines last year were not good.

I'm waiting to see how this next season (a full one) will start. By the 4th ep if it isn't the GA I remember I'm gone.

Hint writers: Most folks don't watch the show cause of the whiney title character.

Remember when another TV drama "The OC" killed off one of the essential characters? It was ratings suicide and just locked in the inevitable death of the series. While I understand the feel of necessity for the writers/creators to make an example out of Heigel and her seemingly ungratefulness, I think it's in everyone's best interest to keep the show's happy-go-lucky character in the show, otherwise, it will be more doom-and-gloom. Besides, without Izzie's baking and optimism, we're left with dreary Mer-Der drama and it isn't balanced out appropriately. I would definately stop watching.

As pissed off as Shonda might be, Heigle was right about the quality of writing on the show. I've been watching Grey's since it started and last season had the worst story lines since the show's inception. Do not underestimate the reason people watch Grey's. Most of us watch for Izzie, not the whiney Grey....

They should definitely kill her off and I hope, for one, never to hear about Ms Heigl again. She is a brat who thinks the world revolves around her (just look at her past press statements). She is someone who is just not likable and its time for her to go.

My thoughts exactly GelEGuy. They should keep her on the show but give her co-stars more significant storylines. Last season she tended to a deer. Next season a skunk. As we all know, the season was cut short by the Writer's Strike. By the time writer's had walked out GA had shot less than half of their usual 22 episodes, during which time she was still completing 27 DRESSES. She was under contract to GA & would not have been able to be in that film if she had not been supported by the show. Heigl is not the first tv star to gain success & consider the same medium that made them famous beneath them. But how many of them have gone on to fleeting movie stardom only to have to return to the small screen with their tales between their legs? If this was an isolated incident, maybe she could be given the benefit of the doubt that she misspoke. But it appears that being ungrateful is a character trait and she has no qualms about biting the hand that feeds her. First Judd Apatow now Shonda Rimes. Nobody succeeds alone. The best athletes have had great coaches who helped them realize their talent. The best singers had great producers. And EVERY successful actor achieved their success because they were given the words to interpret that allowed them to show their abilities. Ms. Heigl better become as successful as she obviously feels she is entitled to be, otherwise the crash landing to Earth from the heights of her enormous ego will be much more painful than she is prepared for.

I think Shonda would make a big oops!! if she and the writers want to kill "Izzie". I'm support her, because is true in her remakes about the quality of her character and the show (This season was boring and very "amateur"). I believe Heigl is a down in earth, kind, pretty and talented actress who has a future in Hollywood

Plus: The show named Grey's anatomy, but the most important characters are Lizzie and Christina, not Meredith. if the producers are so stupid to fired the only real MOVIE STAR of the show, I bet $50 the show will go down and downer in ratings. Patrick Dempsey is a star for status, but tell me one big sucess in a movie where he's the lead character?. Heigl has two, and another three big projects




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