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Here's the Emmy list of top 10 guest drama actors

July 2, 2008 |  8:55 pm

Keith Carradine, "Dexter" ("Morning Comes")
Charles Durning, "Rescue Me" ("Yaz")
Danny Glover, "Brothers and Sisters" ("The Feast of Epiphany")
Robert Morse, "Mad Men" ("Nixon vs. Kennedy")
Peter O'Toole, "The Tudors" ("Episode 208")
Oliver Platt, "Nip-Tuck" ("Carly Summers")
Peter Riegert, "Damages" ("Do You Regret What We Did?")
Stanley Tucci, "E.R." ("The War Comes Home")
Glynn Turman, "In Treatment" ("Alex: Week 8")
Robin Williams, "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit ("Authority")

NOTABLE SNUBS: Peter Facinelli ("Damages"), Aidan Quinn ("Law & Order: SVU"), Heath Freeman ("The Closer") and Edward Herrmann and Jason O'Mara ("Grey's Anatomy"). Curiously, Isaiah Washington took himself out of the Emmy running last year for "Grey's Anatomy" after the T.R. Knight flapdoodle, but he was a contender in this lineup for the "Trust Issues" episode of "Bionic Woman."

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Aidan Quinn should have been nominated instead of Robin Williams for SVU - his role had some much emotional depth and nuance. Robin Williams played the same kind of role as usual.

Anne Dudek should be on there!

Oscar Torre who played Santo in the CBS show "CANE" was outstanding as a Guest star during the whole series not just one episode. He surely deserved a nomination.

Isaiah was a contender only in the sense that he appeared on the show as a guest actor.

It would have been sad indeed if the only person to get nominated out of Bionic Woman was the guy who was integral in the destruction of the show.

Without Isaiah, well, actually without all the notes from the network and Isaiah, it was a find TV program.

David Eick got screwed. I just can't figure out why he's still working at NBC-Uni!

Haley Ramm was outstanding in her recurring guest role on Without A Trace this season. I was fascinated by her. Do these actors get overlooked because they aren't as well known as the others?

Oliver Platt, in "Nip-Tuck" ("Carly Summers") was an embarrassment to gay men everywhere. Will Hollywood ever wake up and stop using fey gay stereotypes from 30 years ago. As a gay man I am appalled at the way most gays are shone on TV.

No Heath Freeman,,,BOOOO!

If you have not seen Glynn Turman's episode of "In Treatment," you missed the best half-hour of acting on TV this season -- period.

i'd like to see cynthia nixon make the list for l&o:svu for guest actress. If she does I think she'll not only be nominated but win it.

I was hoping Seth Green would be nominated for Grey's anatomy. He was so good.

Oh, I hope that the list for best Guest comedy actors gets leaked soon... I can't wait to see who made that list!

I wish Aidan Quinn was on the list instead of Robin Williams. His SVU episode was so much more interesting than Williams', who spent the (predictable) episode playing the same crazy he's always played (when he's not playing funny).



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