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Looks like Mary McDonnell of 'Battlestar Galactica' and Elisabeth Moss of 'Mad Men' are on the Emmy top 10 list

July 1, 2008 |  9:52 pm

A poster in the message boards at Mary McDonnell's fan site claims to have seen the top 10 Emmy list of contenders for best drama actress ("My grandmother is voting for that category.") and insists that "Battlestar Galactica" star made the cut. I have a Mary_mcdonnell_battlestar_galactica hunch that this is accurate info because this poster lists Elisabeth Moss of "Mad Men" as one of the other nine gals. I happen to know some of the finalists in this race and I can confirm that Moss is among them. Ditto a few others, but since Moss is such a longshot call (most Emmy-watchers don't know she opted for the lead race over supporting), the odds that someone would include her on such a list is remote. (BTW, thanks go to our poster PaulHan for pointing out this item at McDonnell's site!)

Listed below with each entry is the title of the episode being evaluated by judges, who are viewing these DVDs at home and must return ballots by July 10. Nominations will be announced July 17.

Patricia Arquette, "Medium" ( "Aftertaste")
Glenn Close, "Damages" ("Pilot")
Minnie Driver, "The Riches" ("Dead Calm")
Sally Field, "Brothers and Sisters" ("History Repeating")
Mariska Hargitay, "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" ("Undercover")
Holly Hunter, "Saving Grace" ("Tacos, Tulips, Duck and Spices")
Elisabeth Moss, "Mad Men" ("The Hobo Code")
Mary McDonnell, "Battlestar Galactica" ("Faith")
Kyra Sedgwick, "The Closer" ("Manhunt")
Jeanne Tripplehorn, "Big Love" ("Take Me As I Am")

Most notable snubs are the actresses who were on the top 10 list of semifinalists last year but are missing now: Calista Flockhart ("Brothers and Sisters") and Ellen Pompeo ("Grey's Anatomy"). We're pretty sure that Evangeline Lilly ("Lost") was on that rundown last year too, but never got it confirmed. (The TV academy does not reveal any of these actors' lists officially, but Gold Derby snoops via trusty sources.) Now Lilly is truly lost.

Also missing in Emmy action: Kate Walsh ("Private Practice") and those "Big Love" gals Ginnifer Goodwin and Chloe Sevigny.

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WHERE IS EMILY DESCHANEL? Her portrayal of a socially awkward forensic anthropologist is engaging and heart warming.

Shame on the Emmy judges for pandering to the talentless hacks that grace the magazine covers instead of rewarding real talent.

Oh and congrats Mariska Hargitay, you deserve it.

The Academy fails! Mary McDonnell was a surefire contender against Sally ' I always play myself' Field and Glenn 'I always play crazy' Close. Evangeline Lilly is just pretty. She's a passable actress, she is not outstanding or memorable, so get over it. Same with Kyra Sedgwick and Mariska Hargitay. They are good actresses, but nothing exceptional. The fact that 3 mediocre actresses plus two legendary, albeit LAZY actresses made it in the top five is proof that the academy votes with favoritism and popularity in mind. I won't be watching.

Seriously! Where is ELLEN POMPEO? Ellen was excellent this season on Grey's and deserves an Emmy nomination!


I would love to see my Pres. Roslin win this award. She's been remarkable throughout the run of the series that I've just completely caught up with.

Elisabeth Moss is wonderful, but there's not enought screen time there to warrant a Best actress nod.

Glenn Close will probably take this, though.

With two season's worth of outstanding work and this season having both fans and critics appluading her, it amazes me how Ellen Pompeo was overlooked. I have always thought Dempsey has done a fine job playing his role on GA as his character is more subtle and can be overlooked by voters for that reason, but I am just beyond words as to how Ellen got snubbed. It shows me why the Emmy's have the lowest award show ratings behind the Oscars. The Emmy voters don't get it, vote for the same actors and shows repeatedly and are completely out of touch with what is going on in television. And btw...Mathew Fox being snubbed is beyond my reasoning as well. He was simply amazing this season.

Seriously this Emmy academy is turning into a joke. Why won't anyone do Something about it.

Lots of shockers for me. the biggest:

Anyone who saw season 4 of Grey's Anatomy will know what I'm talking about. Ellen was exceptional in portraying Meredith Grey in all her moments. Snubbing that is a crime.
She brought Grey's Anatomy back to life.

I join those who hope the Golden Globes will appreciate her amazing performance and talent. lets hope they are reading this.

Natalie Dormer (The Tudors) should have been nominated for this category. Her performance this past season was the best I've seen on TV (Cable or Network) in a long time. I also agree that Sophia Myles should have been on the list as well. I definitely won't be tuning in this year!

I am so happy Mary McDonnell is on this list. friggin FINALLY!

However, where the hell is NATALIE DORMER of the Tudors? I am usually not one to take away from network/cable shows with premium channel shows, but she was absolutely astounding as Anne Boleyn. I have never been more touched from a character before.

I'd like to see Marg Helgenberger in some category!

I'm losing all the hope to see Emily Procter among them one day...They nominate always the same people.

I think Emily Procter or Emily Deschanel should be on the Best Actress List.

Plus Jorja Fox should be on the Best Supporting List.

Rip Off

Mary is the best!! I hope she get to be in the final 5 list.


Lilly is truly lost.

I don't think so.

She has more talent than most of these actresses.

Evangeline Lilly was snubbed again.

This blows!

Um, maybe spell McDonnell's name right?



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