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Michael Imperioli boosts Emmy hopes of U.S. version of Brit hit 'Life on Mars'

July 7, 2008 | 11:06 am


Adding the winner of a U.S. prime-time Emmy to the adaptation of a British TV series that won a top International Emmy sounds like the recipe for a future prime-time Emmy sweeper, eh?

Brit hit crime show "Life on Mars" won the International Emmy for best drama series in 2006. Emmy champ David E. Kelley was to adapt it for the American market but. was bounced from the project. The trio that ran the less-than-stellar "October Road" have taken over the show and begun making changes to "Life on Mars."

The avant-garde series still stars Jason O'Mara as a cop, almost killed by a car, who imagines himself back in 1973 while in a coma. Joining the cast as one of his less-than-politically correct police colleagues is Emmy winner Michael Imperioli, who was on the wrong side of the law for six seasons on "The Sopranos."

Many Emmy-winning TV classics have been based upon hit British TV series, including "The Office" and "All in the Family."

(Photo: ATAS / Video: BBC)