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Goodbye, Oscar? Does Shia LaBeouf's hooliganism kill his future award hopes?

July 28, 2008 |  2:09 pm

Earlier this year, BAFTA singled out Shia LaBeouf for a special laurel that revealed that the lofty U.K. film organization — the equivalent to Hollywood's motion-picture academy — believes he'll be back someday as a serious player for further kudos. Shia LaBeouf received its rising star award.

Shia LaBeouf was taken seriously last year by the Screen Actors Guild when he was nominated for the ensemble award along with the rest of the cast of "Bobby." LaBeouf won a Daytime Emmy as best child performer of 2003 for his role as average American boy in Disney Channel's "Even Stevens."


So all of that means he's poised to be a kudos player ahead. But Shia LaBeouf needs to be taken seriously as a person too. That means avoiding a different kind of public recognition — like his recent wacky arrests for suspicion of drunk driving in Hollywood and criminal trespassing in Chicago.

Lucky for Shia LaBeouf, the most serious damage he suffered physically was a busted hand and bruised knee when he flipped over his truck at La Brea and Fountain at 3 a.m. Sunday morning, Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies said. The charge against him is significant — drunk driving — but it's a misdemeanor and he was fortunate that the charges against him in Chicago were dropped when Walgreens decided not to pursue their complaint that Shia LaBeouf hassled their security guards after he partied all night at the Underground.

Memo to Shia LaBeouf: Straighten up, kiddo. If you ever want to win an Oscar, Golden Globe or prime-time Emmy — then you can't become one of those Hollywood hooligans. Remember: Two of the town's most notorious rascals — Peter O'Toole and Richard Burton — are Oscar's biggest losers (eight defeats for O'Toole, seven for Burton). Russell Crowe hasn't been nominated since he assaulted that BAFTA producer and hurled a phone at that Manhattan hotel clerk. CLICK HERE to continue reading more about how bad boys don't win Oscars.


However, it doesn't look like LaBeouf''s got any award-worthy roles in his upcoming films like "Eagle Eye" (looks like a standard thriller), "New York, I Love You" (looks like a cream puff romantic comedy) and the next "Transformers" installment, which has an ominous title considering how much time LaBeouf spends on the down low: "Revenge of the Fallen."

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