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VOTE: Can Heath Ledger win at the Oscars for 'The Dark Knight'?

July 23, 2008 | 12:31 pm

OK, so there's Oscars buzz across the media (CLICK HERE and HERE and HERE) insisting that Heath Ledger can win an Academy Award for the Joker's diabolical clash with Batman (Christian Bale) in "The Dark Knight," but is it really true? Now it's time for you to decide.

First off, keep in mind that Heath Ledger faces tough odds considering that only one star has ever won an Oscar from the grave. And Peter Finch ("Network") had a timing advantage. Finch keeled over from a heart attack just two weeks before the Golden Globes while vigorously campaigning to stop Robert DeNiro, who swept the early awards of 1976 for "Taxi Driver." Voters were overwhelmed with shock and grief when they ditched DeNiro for Finch. Next January when the Oscar noms come out, Heath Ledger will have been gone a full year. Will that matter? Is he also cursed because he stars in a popcorn pic like "The Dark Knight"? Read more about "Is Heath Ledger Doomed at the Oscars?" — CLICK HERE!


However, "The Dark Knight" star may have a secret edge: an old Oscars IOU the ghost of Heath Ledger now may redeem for having lost best actor for "Brokeback Mountain." That could be the Joker's real wild card to trump all rivals considering how voters love to catch up with great actors after wrongly snubbing them in the past. CLICK HERE to read more — "Does Heath Ledger have an Oscar IOU for 'The Dark Knight'?"

If the Joker plays that wild card right, he should easily nab a nomination, but in which category: lead or supporting? Just because Christian Bale has the title role, doesn't automatically make Heath Ledger a supporting star. Forest Whitaker (" Last King of Scotland") had a smaller role, as measured in terms of screen time and dialogue, compared to James McAvoy in "Last King of Scotland" and Denzel Washington had less screen prominence than Ethan Hawke in "Training Day," but both managed to win best lead actor for bombastic sinister roles like Ledger's. Read more about the great debate — "What's the best Oscars strategy for Heath Ledger in 'The Dark Knight'?" — CLICK HERE .

Speaking of Oscar Batmania, check out Gold Derby's take on how "The Dark Knight" might do in other races: CLICK HERE. Plus consider how the recent accusations against Christian Bale might hurt his shot at future Oscars: READ MORE

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Heath Ledger should get a Oscar.Dark Knight was amazing hes such a great ACTOR!!!

Heath Ledger Rocks!!!!

Ok all of you who say Heath's performance "isn't oscar worthy" need to wake up. And this talk about "he wouldn't win if he was still alive" is Ridiculous! He would get more praise for his performance if he was still alive. What's the use of giving an Oscar to someone who is dead? Heath was the perfect fit for The New Aged Joker. And if he doesn't get the Oscar win then I think it would be a travesty! Enough said?

Heath Ledger was brilliant as the joker and deserves the Best Supporting Actor WIN! Period!

I never liked Health before, in any of the roles that he played. And then when he played " Brokeback" it made me dislike him even more. And I have to let all you know first....... I never saw one Batman movie. And then when "The Dark Knight" came out, my husband wanted me to see it with him. So before we went, he made me see all the "Batman" movies. That way I had an understanding of what the whole story was all about. I have to tell you, I honestly thought that Health was the best actor that I have ever saw in any action movie. He was so intreging..... that I kept asking my husband when would the Joker be back on. All I wanted to see was him. I didnt even care about seeing Batman; and reminde you I disliked Health before this movie. And about 10 minutes into it, I wanted 2 see more of him. I wish he was still here with all of us to make a second movie. I cant believe that before, I disliked him as an actor. And then this movie comes out, and I post him as my fav. actor. Im just so upset that he is gone. And I wish hi the best of life in heaven. I love you Heath, and god job as the Joker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just saw it.
he's good, but it's not oscar worthy.

It had to be said.

good day.

Can we just let the Oscar/Ledger talk rest for a day? Just a day.



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