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Will this TV scene score James Spader a fourth Emmy?

July 8, 2008 |  6:22 pm

Ever wonder how James Spader keeps pulling off upsets in the Emmy race for drama-series actor? He's won three times (2004, 2005, 2007), including last year, and, in fact, he has never lost. The James_spader_emmy probable reason: On "Boston Legal," producer-writer David E. Kelley keeps scripting him big, grandstanding speeches he delivers with a fiery preacher's bravado to courtroom juries at the conclusions of the sample episodes that Spader submits to Emmy judges. If he makes the top 10 run-off again this year, which seems likely, he'll probably submit this week's episode titled "The Court Supreme." Check out its grand finale on this YouTube clip dug up by (Thanks, Sasha!)

Be prepared to suspend disbelief big time. This scene is preposterous, but it's fun to think that an attorney might really stand before the U.S. Supreme Court, raging, "Who are you people? You've transformed this court from being a governmental branch devoted to civil rights and liberties into protector of discrimination, guardian of government, a slave to monied interests and big business and today, hallelujah, you seek to slay a mentally disabled man!" At one point he yells at distracted Justice Clarence Thomas, "Put down that magazine!"

(Photo: ATAS)