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PODCAST: Amy Poehler says her Emmy battle is 'a dog fight'

August 11, 2008 |  1:47 pm

In our podcast chat, Amy Poehler makes this promise about her race to win the Emmy for best supporting comedy actress: "There's going to be lots of drama!"

The "Saturday Night Live" star admits things could even get physical: "There may be some last-minute injuries. There might be some Nancy Kerrigan, Tonya Harding thing coming your way. You never know . . . . Maybe I'll reject the award on behalf of someone. I'll think of something controversial. It's better to burn out than fade away, right?" CLICK HERE to Download the MP3 File and Hear Our Chat. Note: You may need to hold down your computer's control key while clicking.


Amy Poehler may be tiny (5 feet, 2 inches), angelic-looking and very pregnant (she's due a month after the Emmys), but she's already proved to be a big, tough contender. When Emmy rules changed this year and stars of variety shows were moved over to compete in the categories for comedy acting, only Poehler made it among the cast of "Saturday Night Live."

And she has an excellent chance of winning. Emmy judges evaluate just one sample episode entered by each nominee and Amy Poehler submitted a doozy — the one in which Tina Fey returns as host. While other nominees up for supporting actress in a comedy will have, typically, about 10 minutes of face time, Poehler has a good half-hour of various roles showcasing her diverse talents as an actress.

"I probably rocked about 10 different looks in that episode and probably burned through a lot of wigs," she recalls. "Purely by wig count, I've got a good chance."

Amy Poehler describes that "Saturday Night Live" episode as "a perfect storm" because it included her reunion with Tina Fey and included "lots of characters" (including Hillary Clinton) and "some topical political stuff."

Lucky for Poehler, Emmy odds also look good for her husband Will Arnett, who is nominated in the guest categories as Alec Baldwin's rival corporate titan on "30 Rock."

The Emmys may become a family affair in another way. Since she's pregnant, what if her water breaks that night?

"It's just like 'SNL,'" she says quite cavalierly. "It's going to be very live and I have to say that I'm used to live TV, so it'll keep things nice and dangerous."

She'll certainly be cutting her schedule dangerously close that weekend. She has to appear on "Saturday Night Live" the night before the Emmys. To make sure she gets out to the award ceremony on time and safely, NBC execs have offered her and Will the use of a corporate jet.

"I don't think they'll let this pregnant lady fly commercial!" she says.