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Gold Derby nuggets: Barack Obama got Grammy No. 1, but not No. 2 . . . yet | Divine reviews for 'Religulous' | Emmys may stage inexplicable reunion with 'Melrose Place'

August 22, 2008 |  9:22 am


• The Grammys saw our article about Barack Obama's previous two award victories, and they want us to know that, even though Obama wasn't present at the ceremony to accept his first trophy for best spoken word recording of 2005, "Dreams From My Father," academy President Neil Portnow gave Barack Obama the statuette in September 2006 at the Grammy Recording Arts Day on Capitol Hill.  "It’s an event that seeks to educate policy makers and members of Congress about the importance of music education, preservation, and rights," notes a NARAS rep. "We may even do an event in the near future to give Barack his second Grammy since he wasn't able to pick it up at the ceremony this past year." Barack Obama's most recent win was in the same category, for the audiobook recording of "The Audacity of Hope."


• The Emmycast will probably include cast reunions of "Melrose Place" and "Happy Days," reports Marc Malkin of E! Online. However, these aren't reunions with the Emmys themselves. The Emmys can't reunite with shows they didn't embrace years ago, which leads me to ask: Why are they doing this? Is it just a mere coincidence that these shows happen to be Nielsen-friendly? What's wrong with saluting the big Emmy champs of yore? Here's the top 10 list of biggest winners: Academy Awards telecast (40), "Frasier" (37), "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" (29), "Cheers" (28), "Hill Street Blues" (26), "The West Wing" (26), "The Carol Burnett Show" (25), "Saturday Night Live" (23), "The Simpsons" (23), "All in the Family" (22).

• First reviews of Bill Maher's "Religulous" are out, with Variety hailing it as "brilliant, incendiary," adding, "By providing an example to other non-believers, Maher is, um, hell-bent on launching an even more aggressive conversation on the legitimacy of religion than he has on HBO’s 'Real Time With Bill Maher.'" Over at, Devin Faraci says "Religulous" "stacks up really well" as a film. Our take on its Oscar prospects, click here.

• A digitally remastered print of 'Rashomon' will screen at the Academy as part of an Akira Kurosawa showcase," notes Variety about the tribute beginning Sept. 18.


• At, Guy Lodge offers a sneak peek at the Oscar race for best foreign film, noting the news that Denmark has chosen to submit "Worlds Apart," adding, "Italy looks like the country to watch this year -- they’ll have a tough time selecting a single candidate from a renaissance year for their industry that includes the heavily buzzed 'Gomorrah' and fellow Cannes champ 'Il Divo.' " READ MORE

• Nominations for the World Soundtrack Awards were unveiled earlier this week and gave us a jarring return to the last derby. Due to a different eligibility period for the awards to be bestowed at the Ghent International Film Festival on Oct. 18, contenders are mostly films up for Oscars last February like "Atonement," "The Kite Runner" and "There Will Be Blood," but at least "WALL-E" made the list! Check out the Hollywood Reporter's rundown.

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