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MTV gives Britney Spears three more shots to lose Video Music Awards

August 15, 2008 |  3:48 pm

Even though Britney Spears sang and hoofed "Gimme More" so disastrously at last year's kudofest, MTV Video Music Awards just took her request seriously. It gave her three more undeserved nominations, including a shot at video of the year for "Piece of Me."

That's the biggest haul among nominees. That's how much the VMAs adore their Brit-Brit. Chris Brown also nabbed a trio of bids, including a shot at video of the year for "Forever." The other three contenders for that top prize: the Jonas Brothers for "Burnin' Up," Pussycat Dolls' "When I Grow Up" and — surprise! — the Ting Tings' "Shut Up and Let Me Go."


In the past the only other time Britney was nominated for video of the year was 2004 when she was up for "Toxic." She lost to Outkast's "Hey Ya!"

Britney Spears has lost 16 times at the VMAs — Isn't that a record? — but she keeps delivering jaw-dropping moments during the actual kudofest like dancing with a snake in 2001 and kissing a snake (Madonna) in 2003 plus that train wreck of an opening number last year, so they keep letting her slither back even though voters keep deciding she doesn't deserve to win.

Will Britney perform again? Coyly, MTV won't say, but the answer is obvious considering those dumb plugs she's doing all over TV with host Russell Brand and that elephant. Even though MTV insists that the commercials are hilarious, the elephant is far funnier than Britney (and Russell, for that matter — though I'm sure he'll rally on awards night, Sept. 7).

"And if y'all were wondering about the possibility of Spears running into her ex, MTV golden boy Justin Timberlake, at the show, you can stop now," reports Marc Malkin at E! Online. "J.T. will be in New York that night hosting a fashion show for his William Rast clothing collection."

Oh, yeah, by the way, there are other nominees too, like these rivals for best rock video: Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Slipknot, Linkin Park and Foo Fighters. See the full list HERE and start voting immediately for best new artist.

The kudofest will be telecast live from the Paramount Pictures Studios lot and will include performances by the Jonas Brothers, Lil Wayne and Kid Rock.

(Photos: MTV)

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LISTEN, you guys need to stop assuming, because you really just made asses out of yourself. She's one of the greatest entertainers of all time, so go listen to your Kanye Weat in his boring last number. Everyone deserves a second chance, and I'm glad she proved you wrong.

yes 3 of 3 she won them all so um foot in your mouth much?

umm yeah she won all there so you can suck a cock bitches she's the shit stop being jealous and find someother undeserving person to rag about you negative cunts

Just thought I'd post this since it's VERY RELEVANT: Britney Spears won all 3 VMA awards. =D

<3 her soooo much.

Funny how she ended up wining all 3.... BULL SHIT! what a crock of shit that WAS

Yeah "undeserved" that's why it grabbed almost 50 million views before Youtube removed because of copyright problems...

Honey, the Britney Bashing went out of style 2 years ago along with pointed heels.

Piece of Me is a great pop song, and "undeserving" as it may seem to you, the public voted that it was very well in fact deserving as it was nominated in 3 categories.

She may have lost 16 times but doesn't she hold records for the most wins as well?

Let the girl live her life. As much as you may dislike her, she is a legend.

Honestly, people, he's a columnist and he can have his own opinions. If you feel so strongly about it, you should open your own blog!

1. I'll always love Britney, but truly speaking, some other vids probably are better than her Piece of Me. It's great and probably deserves the two noms other than Vid of the Year, because her contenders are really strong.

2. Voting--so overrated. Nowadays, seems like that doesn't matter anymore. Almost every reality competition is rigged beyond belief. So you never know--maybe Britney didn't get as many votes, but those people at MTV really love them and know it would make a great show.

3. And if the voting is NOT rigged, then you cannot discredit the other artists, for clearly, it's the public's choice. The JB song is a fun piece; PCD makes for a great dance and workout tune; and Chris Brown is extremely successful with great hits. Since when is any of his singles not on the top charts for a very long time? You can't really say the same for Piece of Me, no matter how good it is.

So do express your opinions, but also respect others'.

this is soooooooooo gay and stupid,Britney Speras SOLD 90 Million albums,that women have great albums,ultra mega big world wide hits,she is great dancer,great performer...and this article is sooooo piece of me is good,funny,intersting,and orginal and that song is big hit,platinum in USA,platinum World Wide,and she DESERVE nomination for all three category and she desreve to win....this year competition is bad,...chris brown video is so boring and stupid,jonas brothers omg that is for kids and video is copy wake up call,PcD good video but you see that video every day,just copy...and piece of me is the best of nominated...funny,intersting,good,50 million views on you tube...and she desereve to win and to win in Best POP bcz she is only A-list,big name,best saiiling artist...Best female maybe but PIECE OF ME is really good video

britney rocks stop dogging her

Your news report is a bunch of bulls**t! "doesn't deserve to win" my ass!... you try having paparazzi in ur face 24/7 before you start start talking a bunch of bullshit like "doesn't derserve to win"

HATER.. I got a new for you: you are not Perez Hilton, so stop trying.

And her nominees are not undeserving.. undeserving are those crappy videos by mariah, jordin, chris brown, etc

you can't say mtv is giving her nominations. they were voted on by the public this year, so the public nominated her for video of the year.

I get the backlash for her personal life, but how can you (or anyone for that) say that in that group of nominees she didn´t deserve the nomination?

With the exception of The Ting Tings, she's the best one in that group. Critisize all you want, but "Piece Of Me" is great pop song (better than the entire "Hard candy" album, by the way), and the video is actually interesting.

Since the VMA's are nothing more than a popularity contest now-a-days, it's actually nice that among the sea of Pussycat Dolls and Paramores that keep playing in the radio, someone with more elaborate production values could make it in.

Pantyless or not, it's time to face the fact that she did put a few really great songs out in the past year, and she's does mange to behave better from now on, she would be totally deserving of a comeback. And no, I'm no fanboy, I just appreciate when pop music is well done (like Justin or Gwen's first album)



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