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PODCAST: Kathy Griffin warns 'Everybody's in trouble!' if she wins an Emmy again

August 1, 2008 | 10:20 pm

Awards-obsessed Kathy Griffin isn't satisfied with having won an Emmy last year. Now she's going after two more — she's nominated for best reality program again ("My Life on the D-List") and best variety special ("Straight to Hell") — plus she's campaigning for a Grammy. Her new CD is brazenly titled "For Your Consideration."

"I am trying to be Rita Moreno," she confesses in our podcast chat. "How many times do I have to say it?" CLICK HERE to download or listen to the MP3 file.  NOTE: You may need to hold down your computer's control key while clicking.


It's scary — and impressive — that Kathy Griffin knows about Rita Moreno. But it also proves that Kathy Griffin is our kind of gal. She's referring to one of 10 winners of showbiz awards' grand slam: Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, Tony. How many other celebs are aware of that, eh? (The nine others on that list, by the way: Mel Brooks, John Gielgud, Whoopi Goldberg, Helen Hayes, Audrey Hepburn, Marvin Hamlisch, Mike Nichols, Richard Rodgers and music arranger Jonathan Tunick.)

When Kathy Griffin won the Emmy last year, she gave what can easily be pegged the most outrageous acceptance speech in all kudos history — so shocking that E! network bleeped her from its telecast of the Creative Arts Emmy ceremony, where she claimed the statuette a week before the main show.

If she wins this year, "believe me, something's going to happen," she promises Gold Derby. "This year I'm nominated for the creative arts plus the real fancy Emmys. Everybody's in trouble!"

Why did she cause such a hubbub last year? "When I watch these award shows I'm looking for the person who's going to say something inappropriate," she tells us. "I'm looking for the person's who going to cry to the point where they can't even speak. I'm looking for the person who's going to forget to thank their husband — like if Oprah forgot to thank Gail. Can you imagine? So I thought if I was ever even close to getting up there, I want it to be something people are talking about the next day."

In our podcast chat, Kathy confesses her awards-show addiction: "Look. Here's the deal. I'm such an awards show fanatic … I mean I watch every awards show … I'll watch, like, the Alma Awards … I'll watch anything."


And she's furious that the Emmys have asked five other reality hosts — including Heidi Klum ("Project Runway") — to emcee the ceremony and not her. "I am now going to enter into a murder-murder suicide with Heidi Klum," she swears.

Kathy also revisits her infamous firing from E! network, where she covered the red-carpet parade — up until, that is, she made a joke about 6-year-old Dakota Fanning going into rehab.

I picked her because she has this squeaky-clean perfect record," Kathy says. "I wouldn't make that joke about Miley Cyrus."

But Griffin shrugs off the whole kerfuffle that followed as "so silly and funny," adding, "It was hilarious. I loved the whole thing. In a way, I live for moments like that.... I got fired for making inappropriate jokes about celebrities, but you know what? Celebrities deserve it. They deserve it and they know it!" CLICK HERE to listen to listen to our full chat!  

Photo: ATAS

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Kathy Griffin is the funniest comedian ever! EVERYTIME i watch her, she makes me laugh. I love when she makes fun of Paula Abdul and Oprah. She's the only comedian brave enough to go after Oprah and i love that! Oh God, even when i hitting the reefer, its even funnier. You go girl i love you!

Kathy Griffin Is The Best Comedian in the world hands down! She is absolutely brilliant, her live shows are always fresh, new, and exciting. I think she is borderline genius. I have seen several of the top Comedians whether it be in Vegas or my home town of San Diego and they usually repeat the same performance and jokes year after year as if we won't remember, or they plan on most people attending only once. Kathy really raises the bar by always bringing new material to her shows. She keeps me along with millions of others coming back for more. We love you Kathy !

I agree with Lily. I went to see her here in Kansas City recently ,and she was good, but she was SELLING her autographed pictures instead of fans being able to get them from her after the show! I found that rather insulting...Lewis Black didnt do that...he was very gracious!!! He signed everything I brought to him and even sat and talked for for awhile. Now thats what I call a class act. You need to be accessable and good to your fans, beacuse theyre your customers...tick them off and youve screwed yourself. She needs to go back to the way she used to be, when she felt like she was one of us. She feels a little unreachable now.

I used to be a fan when she truly was on the "D-List" and trying hard to pull herself up. Watching her was like watching a very funny friend, one who I was cheering for whenever she had a win.

At first it was great that she was successful in raising her rating. Unfortunately, she has become one of the people she mocked. Her put downs have become back-handed brags. I'm embarrassed for her when she keeps introducing her "billionaire" boyfriend. She isn't so funny anymore. She has become genuinely annoying and, even worse, she know longer appears as a friend to her fans. She has become a very obnoxious diva.

I am not alone in this feeling. People are getting tired of watching her believe her own bs.

I have no doubt that when her show is cancelled due to poor ratings, she will blame it on her "D-List" status and the people at the top against her. However, we will all know that she is the cause of her own demise as an up-and-coming star.

It's Gayle. Not 'Gail'.
Don't make me get ghetto on ya'll.

Kathy is histerical. She is one of a handful of comedians who make me laugh (and I have smallish hands). She's the female Carlos Mencia. Keep it going, Honey. Your fan from Forest Park. Call me, I'm better looking than Steve but I have waaaaay less money.

It's so great to see an article that isn't slamming Kathy Griffin. Even though some of the bad publicity is set up by Miss Kathy herself, she is absolutely hilarious and deserves to hear it!

In your list of grand slam winners, did you forget Barbara Streisand?

Absolute waste of time and space. The Woman, the article, the entire concept of this envelope absolute garbage. I'm sick of telling adults ten years older than I am to grow up and get a life. The only one I've seen with proper perspective on these awards is Elton John. They don't mean anything.

I remember reading a few year's ago that Kathy Griffin had severe problems in her eyes after undergoing lasik surgery. How is she progressing in that regard now ? Did her eye problems ever resolve themselves ?

Kathy should win! & Streisand is missing from the list for grand slam in showbiz. She has won all 4 awards... check the records.

Kathy deserves every award going. But I think that maybe she needs to raise her profile a little, make a bit more noise. How about her and Woz getting married - by Elvis, underwater... and naked! That should get her some well-deserved publicity. And scare the fishes!



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