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Bill Maher wears the label as 'Emmy's biggest loser' like 'a badge of honor'

September 17, 2008 |  9:02 pm


Bill Maher tells Gold Derby that he's cool with being the biggest loser of TV's top award. He's had 19 past defeats at the Emmys, but you can tell from watching our discussion of this topic with "Religulous" director Larry Charles (a two-time Emmy winner for "Seinfeld") that Maher is, underneath it all, at least a bit irked.

Note that he mentions that his Emmy losing streak might not matter if he wins an Oscar for "Religulous" as best documentary. That's possible, by the way. We huddled up at the Toronto Film Festival to discuss "Religulous" actually — and I'll feature our full video of that soon — but, meantime, on the eve of Emmy weekend, here's the portion of our chat where I ambush Maher to get his view of his Emmy fate. In the past, whenever I've submitted a formal request to interview him on the subject, it's been ignored. So I decided to seize this opportunity while I had it. Normally, it's Maher who puts people in the hot spot. Oh, what fun it was here to do so to him!

Since we shot this at the Toronto fest, Maher lost another Emmy — this one at the creative arts ceremony last weekend, thus bringing his total to 20. This weekend he competes with a bid for best variety series, but, frankly, there's little chance "Real Time" can beat five-time champ "The Daily Show" or its two closest rivals — "The Colbert Report" and "Saturday Night Live." This video is also available at YouTube.