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Britney Spears + Russell Brand = Boffo MTV VMA ratings

September 10, 2008 |  2:37 pm


Combining the unknown British comedian Russell Brand with the seemingly never overexposed Britney Spears paid off for MTV as Sunday's airing of the VMAs pulled in record numbers for the network.

As per this report in Broadcasting & Cable, "When the simulcast on MTV2 is taken into account, the VMAs delivered an 8.1 grossed rating in the demo across the two networks. All told and across the two networks during its time period, the 2008 VMAs reached more than 23 million viewers two-plus, with more than 12 million 12-34. The show was the highest-rated telecast on all of cable in the 12-34 demo this year."

These numbers represent a 15% boost from last year's hostless edition of the VMAs (best remembered for Britney's bad lip syncing) and a 41% jump from the 2006 awardscast headlined by Jack Black from Gotham.


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Come on people the white trailer trash celeb whore gets a lipo slaps on a good dress and pounds of make-up she still has shown the world her true colors and she will do it again give a couple of months she will be right back making a fool out of her self face it that whole family are FOOLS

I thought that britney spears looked amazing. It is so cool that she won three awards. I am very proud of her. Go Britney!!!!

Russ did well, twas only a mere sniff of his unbridled comic talent that i am sure will be gracing the good shores of LA for some time.

Shame i probably won't see him doing stand up in the UK again, but i still wish him the best of luck!

Russell Brand is just what America needs. This guy is hilarious. Thanks MTV

Britney looks to be very pleased about her new, healthier lifestyle and says that she has never felt healthier in her life. She also considers that her 1,200 calories intake per day is enough “if you eat the right things.” I read about this at

Yea...I thought it was a good show. Russell was a Funny Bloke an Britney was as Hot as ever. Props to MTV.

its nice to see mtv is at the top of the world again,it took mtv 20 years to come back,good job mtv,all us teens love u

Russell obviously did well, it is just anti Englishness from yanks who hate anyone with a personality.



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