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Which 'Dancing With the Stars' judge deserves an Emmy?

September 24, 2008 |  5:30 pm

With this week's return of "Dancing With the Stars," the focus has been on colorful contestants like Cloris Leachman and Jeffrey Ross.

However, the judges have been the true winners on this contest show, considering how well they've coped with such crazy antics as Cloris Leachman putting her leg in front of Bruno Tonioli's face and her derriere down in Carrie Ann Inaba's lap?

Don't they deserve to be considered for their own Emmy? After all, the hosts of reality shows just got their own award. Why not judges?


Yes, says ATAS Chairman John Shaffner, they should be honored. Last weekend he confirmed to reporters that the Emmys will soon create an award for judges on reality TV shows like "Dancing With the Stars," "American Idol" and "Top Chef," but not for contestants!

"We don't want to turn into 'Survivor'!" Shaffner roared to Nelson Branco of TV Guide Canada.

So now let's check in and see what the medium's harshest judges — TV critics — think of how the judges performed this week on "Dancing With the Stars."

People's TV Watch lauded the male judges for their gallant reactions to  overtures from octogenarian contestant Cloris Leachman: "Ms. Leachman used her best acting skills to charm the judges. Her leggy display for Bruno Tonioli had him affectionately nickname her 'Battleship Geriatrica.' And the usually buttoned-up Len Goodman playfully told her, 'I always wanted to be a toy boy. This could be my big chance!' after Leachman gave the judge an eyeful of cleavage."

Yet E! Online reported they returned to form with their comments about other performances. Regarding Maurice Greene: "'Why did you do the 'Free Willy' step?' Len Goodman  wondered. 'What's that all about? I don't want all that nonsense!' And about Kim Kardashian, Bruno said, 'More wasted assets than Freddie and Fanny!" trying to provoke Kim into bringing that sexiness to the surface.'"

Sarah Rogers of our own Show Tracker gives kudos to Carrie Ann Inaba for suggesting Susan Lucci pack on a few pounds — "I thought [she] nailed it when she said that Susan looked a bit too frail out there" — and for letting Leachman sit in her lap.

Who do you think is most deserving of an Emmy nomination?


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The judges are not rating the stars fairly. They are showing favoritism. If this continue, I will stop watching the show and protest that others do the same. The past year Donnie Osmond won and should not have. Malba should have won and didn't. As a viewer, I already know who the judges have geared up to win this year. IT IS NOT RIGHT!

What in the world is going on with Cloris Leachman. She is absolutely horrible in every way and is still on the show. So unjust to the real dancers and competitors who work so hard to compete. ABC should have an over-80 dance contest for Cloris and others who want to make fools of themselves.

Although Cloris isn't the best dancer she is getting America's vote. If you want her off the show so bad organize and make people stop voting for her. I think she is entertaining to watch and puts more energy into it than Rocco. She isn't the best dancer, but she does bring the audience.

Cloris Leachman has given us a glimpse into how truely "classless" she is. Her dancing is not the embrassement, it is her sailor type mouth that degrades all woman, espcially older woman. Her being allowed to remain on the show negates the validation the other dancers have gotten. Please vote with your conscience, not smpathy. This is a dancing competition. No one can truley believe she danced better than Ted McGinley!

Most seniors don't need nor want, a 'token' representative.. especially Dear Cloris. Also, what's with all of the ridiculous screaming and Teeny Bopper entertainment. Can't hear the comments and the dancing takes second stage Count me out

Well I was very sorry to see Ted be booted off the show. He was a delight to watch, and frankly I thought his chances of getting to the finals were terrific. You could see it in his face how disappointed he was. Miss Leachman should go, although the fan fare is what is keeping her there because she's a relic in the industry. She may be attempting to dance, as are the others, but the American audience should give the people that are truly trying to win and demonstrates talent the votes. I just felt so bad for Ted, he was an real asset to the group.

I can not in my wildest imagination figure out why Cloris Leachman was invited on to Dancing With The Stars in the first place.
I am in the same age bracket as Cloris, and there is no way I would embarass myself like she is doing. She adds nothing to the show, and unfortunately Ted McGinley may have had a chance to go further. Until I hear that she is off the show, I do not plan on watching it, which is too bad, as i have thoroughly enjoyed every other year.
She really needs to go.

Cloris Leachman is a disgrace.
Whoever is voting for her is making a mockery of Dancing With The Stars.
Not withstanding her lack of ability to perform the dances, her comments are not appropriate for prime-time TV. I have a 3 year old granddaughter who loves the show, but I've distracted her while Cloris is waiting for the judges' comments and scores.
Get rid of her.

I think Cloris Leachman is a disgrace to the show and to common decency. I see no talent displayed and certainly don't find her sophomoric attempts at humor amusing. It's just sad when old persons doi not recognize their deficits.

What in the world was the Network thinking to have Cloris Leachman on the show? She absolutely disrubts the flow and is terrible. She is not funny & please remove her from the show :-( Other contestants have to put up with that?

Wow guys harsh. I can't say Cloris Leachman is a good dancer but she is trying. Despite the goofing around she is practicing as hard as the other people and she's 82 of course she is going to be brittle on the floor.

I think she has helped older people realize they can get out and learn new things at any age. Because of what she is doing I've been able to talk my elderly mother into starting ballroom classes. What a great way to get exercise and meet new people.

Kudos to Cloris for having the guts to put her self out there for ridicule. I wasn't voting before, but I think you all just convinced me to put in calls for Cloris.

Come on people, get over the Cloris are the public that is keeping her on the show....hello....public vote combined with the judges vote....a litle humor is good for the soul.

Cloris needs to get off of show, first nite funny, 2nd disgusting, humiliating to elder women. Her crass humor needs to stay home in her house. Everyone else works too hard to make this show and competition legit

I thought this was a Dancing show. Leachman makes me turn off the television. Please, she's not even funny.

Cloris Leachman is a riot! I'm over 25 years her junior and could not stick my leg up on the counter (even if I wanted to). Lighten up folks....she won't make it to the trophy...until them...she has my chuckles.

I have enjoyed watching your show over the past couple of years because it is fascinating to watch dancing, and to watch these contestants continually improve.

However, it is becoming more and more like "dirty dancing", and it is something I do not want to watch.

The dirty dancing is bad enough, but now Cloris Leachman has ruined the show. I cannot accept her language and silliness. I won't be watching any longer.

Cloris has to go. She ruined a chance for Ted to advance further. These contestants work alot of hours to get these dance routines down. To advance Cloris makes a mockery of a really fun family show. Sidebar: I think there are too many contestants...ABC just wants to drag it out.

There are too many Emmys already. It's getting as bad as the Grammys. The more Emmys and Grammys there are (and now Latin Grammys, what is that all about? Will Latin Emmys be next?) , the less meaningful the award is. If anybody can win one, they aren't very exclusive.

Why is a so you think you can dance person on a ballroom dancing with the stars show. that sucks

Cloris Leachman has been delightfully funny. One of the best assets of this show is their willingness embrace diversity by including contestants of different ages.

Cloris Leachman is an embarassment, especially to the validity of the show, not to mention the other contestants who are trying to COMPETE. Those that vote for her have no concept of competitive dancing, and this is NO place for Leachman who is crude with her mouth...and absolutely no talent.

The antics of the likes of Cloris Leachman does nothing to add credibility to the show. Isn't this a dance contest? Aren't these contestants trying to carry forward. She may be entertaining but she certainly CANNOT dance. I'm disgusted!!!

I just saw tonights results and Cloris is still there - she has got to go! Ted had a chance of going farther and because Cloris is 82 and funny she's still there. Come on!! I can't stand watching her dance. She's barely moving. Did you do this for ratings? If you did it may back-fire. I'm considering not watching anymore.

The judges should get real and get leachman off next week and let people with real talent have a chance.

It is not fair to let someone like leachman to peform if she can't dance afterall she is just belittleing the show's theme. And people who are really trying are voted off and criticized by the judges. The judges are unfair and the audience is unfair and the show is a farce as a true experience show. It is not worthy of it's title.



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