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Jonas Brothers steer clear of VMA controversy

September 10, 2008 |  3:05 pm


With eight time zones between the Jonas Brothers and the Hollywood home of last Sunday's VMAs, they finally weighed in on host Russell Brand's skewering of their purity rings at the event to the BBC in his native Britain. Per the BBC report:

Nick Jonas told Newsbeat: "For us it's cool to see that he recognizes we are gentlemen." Brand later apologized to the boys for the jibe during Sunday's ceremony, which was held in Los Angeles.

The question is, did Brand misjudge the audience? Kevin Jonas replied: "I think he focused on certain things and didn't move off of them. People's attention spans in America need more than that. ... [Nick Jonas] said: "I think he did a good job. We saw him on 'Conan O'Brien' and thought he was hilarious."

With endorsements like that and such stellar ratings for the awardsfest, will Russell Brand become the first back-to-back host for the festivities since Arsenio Hall had a four-year run as emcee beginning back in 1988?

Photo: The Jonas Brothers. Credit:

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I watched for the first time MTV Music Awards 2008 with my 14 year old daughter, who wanted very much for her favorite band, the Jonas Brothers, to win the Video Music Award. She was very upset to hear Mr. Russell Brand's joke about where the Jonas brothers wear their purity rings... Mr. Brand's form of comedy throughout the evening's event was a low point in what the British comedian has brought to the U.S. The Jonas boys are what are good in young men today and say to young women they don't have to 'give it up' to be boys to be popular. Please realize the message MTV programming give young women today and at least do not return hosts the likes of Russell Brand whose comedy was a continual assault on human dignity.

Russell is a comedian, it is what they do! He wasnt trying to hurt them or anything. He wasnt making fun of them for it, he even commended them later for being able to do it when he couldnt.

I do, however, hate when people call them gay or diss them for having the rings, as much as I hate people for bringing it up all the time when you know they arent very comfortable talking about it. Just because they are gentlemen and dont believe in sleeping around doesnt mean they are pansies and gay! More people should be like that, less teen pregnancies, STD's, and probably less relationship drama because they would be gentlemen rather than jerkoffs (because the rings are more than just purity, it represents being a gentleman and part of that is abstaining from constant sex)

i love the jonas brothers!
1 more day till nicks bday

I don't know anything about the Jonas Brothers' music, but I think that people try to cut them down and call them gay or whatever else simply out of jealousy. Even if they are gay, who cares ?? That in no way impacts them as performers, so people need to get over it.

i love the jobros and i dont think it was appropriate for russel to say that, i was really upset and i tried to imagine how the boys felt
how could he said that in front of billions of ppl??
boys, just dont listen to him, ur fans luv you and are totally against him as i am

OK everybody LOVES the Jobros. Espically me!!! Russel Brand had no right to insult JB for setting a good example and doing the right thing. They are just being themselves which is what u want they stay true to themselves !!!! JB'S ROX MY SOX!!!


erm, the only wear purity rings to stop the secret gay member blowing the squeaky clean reputation.
let's all stop deluding ourselves about these boys, yes? let them be normalllllllllll

how dear he do that to the poor boys i love them and he should be ashammed of himself!

that was an outrange what he said and how dear he dis the jonas brothers like that he should be ashammed of himself that was not right what he did that made me very pissed off!

"Brand is a typical intolerant liberal..." Really? have you heard his radio show? he surrounds himself with people with very different opinions to his own... still seems to get on with them fine!

He later said on 'Craig Ferguson' that it was 'probably jealously speaking, as I was myself a virgin at that age, but due to body fat and pimples' :)

Brand is a typical intolerant liberal. He's nice to people who agree with him and arrogantly condescending to those who don't. Don't let any celebrity define for you what's cool and what's not. Cool people don't do that.

I thought Brand's Jonas Brothers jokes were funny... but I expected a lot better from him that stupid jokes about George Bush. First of all, I'm from Wyoming - so I take serious offense to the "retarded cowboy" comment. There ain't nothing wrong with being a cowboy! Second, Bush jokes? What is this, 2002? FIND SOME NEW MATERIAL! He just recycled the same crap people have said about the President for years. Disappointing! I hope Russell hosts again with better jokes.

Russell Brand sounded like someone selling something at a local county fair.

Actually, Liz. I tuned in to the VMAs for Brand and only for Brand. I couldn't care less about the Jonas Bros or Brit or any of the performers. MTV gives out video awards for videos they rarely even air. Brand was the attraction for me and several of my friends, and we thought he did a great job.

The only reason why the ratings were so high was because of the Jonas Brothers. I had no idea who he was. He was rude, people should respect the Jonas Brothers for their dicision.

But he was really not sophisticated.

You're looking for sophistication at the VMAs? huh...


i think the jonas brothers are amazing and they are deffinately more miture than other people to have purity rings

why can't they just leave the jo bros alone? I, for one, am glad there are some young American's trying to be POSITIVE role models! Thanks for your outstanding testimony Kevin, Joe and Nick! (and kudos x3 to parents Jonas)

U gotta love the jo bros 4 how they take the situation so maturely. they r amazing people.

Lord help us, please no.

He opened an interesting can of worms, someone has to get credit for that...

But he was really not funny or sophisticated. These boys are just being nice. People tuned in to see them (and I suppose, ugh, Britney), not Brand.



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