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Kathy Griffin wins an Emmy — and shocks — again

September 13, 2008 |  6:55 pm


After shocking the Emmys' creative arts ceremony last year with a profane acceptance speech invoking Jesus Christ, Kathy Griffin won best reality program again for "My Life on the D List" — and riled up the audience again, but left the almightly alone.

"No way!" she gasped in her seat when she heard her name called as winner. Upon arriving at the podium, she gasped, "Well, well, well! Here we go again, f—ers. Here we go again!" Looking around the auditorium, she acknowledged some celebs in the audience, adding, "Hanks, Gandolfini — what the f—! I'm not going to tell anyone to suck it. I would make love to this thing if I could."

Backstage, Griffin told reporters that she toned down her speech this year because she's worried that she might be fired from being an awards presenter next week at the main Primetime show. She's never been a presenter in the past.

Call this year's show the Bleeping Emmys — except that none of it was bleeped. Swearing was a pervasive theme of the Creative Arts ceremony, considering the wins by "I'm F—ing Matt Damon" earlier in the day plus the victory of Bud Lite's "Swear Box" as best commercial.

Last Emmy Award of the day went to Tim Conway, the sixth Emmy of his career: guest actor in a comedy series for portraying an old-time TV legend on "30 Rock."

"Where did the time go?" Conway sighed at the podium, referring to the three-and-a-half-hour ceremony. "I've been here since 9 o'clock — 1918!" Swinging the Emmy around, he ended up sticking one of its pointed wings into his chest. Pretending that he couldn't pull it out and that he was in enormous pain, he rushed offstage, still holding the Emmy aimed at his bosom. And then the Creative Arts Emmy show was over.

Nobody from the Tony Awards showed up to accept the new award for best award program!

And Don Rickles wasn't present to receive the first Emmy of his career (best variety special) for his first nomination ever.

Bill Maher lost both of his two nominations today, increasing his tally as Emmy's biggest loser to 21.

Kathy Griffin, "My Life on the D List"

Tim Conway, "30 Rock"

"Mr. Warmth, the Don Rickles Project"

"Swear Jar," Bud Lite

"Camp Lazlo"

"Great Moments From The Campaign Trail,"

"Tony Awards"




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I'm a little shocked that anyone who has watched even one episode of Kathy's show doesn't just lover her to death! I hate all the reality crap that is out there and that is true garbage, but Kathy's show is real- besides the fact that she is hilarious, the show is often touching. I love her relationship with her parents. And for those of you who are so put off by vulgarity, there are far better targets for your rightousness than Kathy. Her brand of vulgarity comes with a brain and she is usually making a point. Most reality shows make me feel bad about the decline of our culture, but Kathy gives me hope!

you know....Kathy worked very hard and im glad she won the emmy she is very smart and savvy business woman. I love that the world is finally noticing i just feel bad she wont be back for a 3 peet cause this season was such a hodgepodge of nothing. hopefully next year no relationships to billionaires. Ill watch anyway lol LOVE YA KATHY

UMMM HELLOOOOO!!! She has a "foul mouth for shock value and shouldn't be rewarded" I have a few names for you............. EDDIE MURPHY.........GEORGE CARLIN...........RICHARD PRYOR........Just to name a few comedic LEGENDS of our time who had classic "foul mouths" I love Kathy, she is hilarious, and she tells it like she sees it!! It is comedy people!!! Your TV has an off button you know if you don't like it.

Apparently many of you aren't smart enough to figure out that Kathy Griffin is crazy like a fox and in on her whole game. She acts the profane self-aggrandizing bee-aitch with a wink and a nod in one of the smartest send-ups of our celeb obsessed culture in modern entertainment history. BRAVO to Kathy and her exceptional producing team of Bryan Scott, Lisa Tucker and Marcia Mule. You ALL rock and the rest of you can suck it!

Kathy rocks! I'm so happy that she won...and I can't wait until we hear her version of the events on her next special! :)

Congrats Kathy! Those of you who are talking poorly about Kathy winning... Keep going! You're fueling the fiery red head for her next Emmy! Bring on the next season and a 3rd Emmy, bitches!

Hey, Kathy Rocks: how do you know we don't watch? And your "suck it" comment? Very "classy" Get real: Griffin has to use the F-bomb for shock/notice me value. Wow; if that isn't talent I don't know what is. Oh yeah, that's right: we obviously don't because we don't watch her garbage. Must be comforting to you to be such a know-it-all.

I LOVE Kathy Griffin but if it helps you haters out there, I'm sure the episode submitted had something to do with her father dying.

People hating on Griffin makes me love that she won this even more.

CONGRATS Kathy Griffin!!! Your show is amazing and funny and soft and real!!! You deserve this!!!!

Obviously the people posting on here have never watched My Life On The D List. Kathy Griffin is an incredibly intelligent businesswoman, and she's absolutely hilarious. Anybody who can't see that can suck it! :) Congrats to Kathy!!!

Kathy Griffin? Seriously? Being a foul mouthed attention seeker with no class is perfect for the death of american television. switching to

How did Kathy Griffin win this? What does this say about America? Come on people! Does anyone really watch her show and think it is funny? Her mouth needs to be washed out.

Don Rickles wasn't a producer on his show, so he was not nominated and did not win last night (his son Larry did produce the special and won an Emmy, though). His only nomination is for Variety Performer at next week's ceremony.

Congrats, Kathy Griffin??? You gotta be kidding -- she is a complete idiot who has to use shock and foul language to get noticed. And unfortunately it seems to work. "Notice me, everybody!" What an Idiot. Why morons like this are rewarded by the "industry" is just another reason to pay no attention to what these self-centered pea brains have to say.

Congrats, Kathy Griffin :)

Tim Conway for best guest actor in a comedy???? SHELLEY BERMAN GOT there any class in television anymore???...well, I guess if you stack the deck.... :(



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