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MTV Video Music Awards: highlights, low points and backstage drama

September 9, 2008 | 10:27 am

"After winning three Moonmen, including video of the year, Britney Spears got cold feet before she met the press," Reuters reported on what took place backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards. "She peeked into the media room with personal assistants and camera crew in tow, then promptly turned around and left."

However, then Britney was "whisked into a photo-only area where no pesky questions could be asked," adds Marc Malkin of E! Online. "Who could blame her for that?"


Have you seen all of the L.A. Times' extensive coverage?

Denise Martin reported on "bubbly flowing for audience members . . . Michael Phelps upstaging the Jonas Brothers and Chris Brown busting a move in the aisle for Lil Wayne." READ MORE

Ann Powers ruminates on MTV's use on various venues at Paramount studios where "the gimmick at this most unrepentantly contrived of awards shows was to play up the artifice of the screen image, whether of the blockbuster film variety." That included using sets and crowds for "live music videos (that) did make for better musical highlights than the show had in the past few years. The night's producers chose well in tapping talents who could handle the distractions of quick-changing sets. Nobody fell down, and the music wasn't completely swallowed by the special effects . . . . What viewers witnessed every time Britney took the stage (or appeared in an MTV promotional skit, like the dull one that preceded her opening the program) was not only an expensively refurbished body in a laudably tasteful silver dress, but the relaunching of a brand." READ MORE

In one of our photo galleries, we score the night's high and low points while inviting our readers to pipe in with their letter grades too. Todd Martens gives Britney's appearance a F, which differs from the view of our readers. About 65% give Britney an A. READ MORE AND CAST YOUR VOTE!

In another photo gallery, the Dish Rag blogger Elizabeth Snead says, "Zac Efron looks just as hot without those trendy boy bangs. With his hair swept back into a proper Hollywood hunk 'do, we get to see more of his eyes and his eerily well-shaped brows. You don't think? Nah." SEE AND READ MORE

Oh, yeah, and for a complete list of nominees and winners, CLICK HERE.

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