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Dianne Wiest pulls off a shrewd Emmy win for 'In Treatment'

September 21, 2008 |  6:33 pm

Sure, it may seem like no surprise that Dianne Wiest just won best supporting drama actress for HBO's "In Treatment," considering she's a two-time Oscar champ in the supporting race too: "Bullets Over Broadway" (1994) and "Hannah and Her Sisters" (1986).

However, many Emmy gurus discounted her chances because of the episode of "In Treatment" she chose to submit to judges. It's the one where she takes on therapist Gabriel Byrne as a psychiatric patient again for the first time in 10 years.

It's mostly just verbal sparring between them with no emotional fireworks. Our forum posters who are fans of the show were hugely disappointed she didn't submit a much more flashy episode choice she had from later in the season.

Dianne Wiest couldn't attend the Emmys tonight as she is appearing on Broadway in the revival of Arthur Miller's "All My Sons." While that show is generating lots of ink for the appearance of Katie Holmes in her Rialto debut, Wiest and John Lithgow are the stage vets who make this one worth attending.

This is Wiest's third Emmy nod after a 1997 win (guest actress in a drama series, "Avonlea") and a 1998 loss (supporting actress in a mini or movie, "The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn").

Credit: Dianne Wiest in HBO's "In Treatment." Courtesy HBO.

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There is a sense of presence in Dianne Wiest that is compelling! There is virtually no one that touched this lady on "In Treatment" and have to say, she made the show!
She was most engaging in her role and also was so credible in her role as a therapist!
Keep up the great work, DIanne!

Dianne Wiest is the greatest actor of all time, there for this win is no surprise. The only tragedy about the situation is that it doesn't happen more often. I cry for a bigger serving of the incredibly gifted and impressively honest Dianne Wiest.

Dianne Weist is one of the most talented actresses around. She's deserved every award she's ever won, this one included. I watched every episode of In Treatment and though she is in the company of other greats, her episodes on Fridays were by far the best.

Mia Wasikowska (Sophie) was MUCH better in In Treatment than Diane Weist. Mia deserved to win the Emmy for best supporting actress over Diane.

Lame. Just about every actor in the series, and all the women for sure, were better.

Stop overanalyzing which episode people submitted - they don't care how funny Amy Poehler is or how brilliant a performer Chandra Wilson is. It's all politics. Movie star Dianne Wiest gracing us with her presence. Veterans like Laura Linney and Jean Smart (and Alec Baldwin, finally) winning. Do people even watch the screeners? Probably not. (But then do people even watch the real shows? Clearly not!)



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