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Would losing Elisabeth Hasselbeck be Emmy winning for 'The View'?

October 7, 2008 | 10:43 am

Though the producers of "The View" deny the latest rumor that conservative co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck is leaving the daytime talkfest, would it help the show's chances with the daytime Emmy Awards if she did depart?

While the revolving cast has been nominated as outstanding talk show hosts in each of the first 11 seasons, they have never won the award. Hasselbeck has been part of this losing team effort since 2005. The ladies of "The View" have sometimes blamed this losing streak on the possibility that Emmy voters have found at least one of them to dislike at various time. Could Hasselbeck be the problem most recently? The constant friction evident between her and her co-hosts makes for great TV viewing, but is it possible that TV academy members are taking the side of the majority, thus hurting the whole team's Emmy chances? It may seem unfair to gang up on poor Hasselbeck about this too — she really does get enough grief — but I do wonder about this sometimes.


Personally, I believe the real reason "The View" co-hosts haven't won the Emmy is because voters prefer solo hosts. Over more than 30 years of the category's existence, multiple-host nominees have never won. The voting pattern is clear. Heck, the only time Regis Philbin ever claimed this contest was in 2001 when he was temporarily in between co-hosts of "Live" and got nominated alone.

But if the other theory is true and "The View" losses can be blamed on the presence of one troublesome co-host amongst the batch, it's not to hard to identify who that might have been over time.

For the first nine years, that may well have been Star Jones, whose popularity plunged in direct relation to her ever-shrinking waistline.

Once Jones was jettisoned in 2006, hopes were high that new moderator Rosie O'Donnell's love affair with the daytime Emmy Awards would continue. After all, for hosting her own talkfest, she had won six consecutive Emmys against, among others, "The View" panel. Alas, while her run-ins with Hasselbeck made for gripping TV, they did not sit well with Emmy voters, who preferred the softer edges of Ellen DeGeneres. With O'Donnell's departure last year after only one season, Whoopi Goldberg came on board to steer the conversation. Yet even the presence of Goldberg — one of only 10 people to win the grand slam of Oscar, Emmy, Tony, and Grammy awards — could not win over Emmy voters last spring.

Perhaps creator and occasional co-host Barbara Walters would do well to reconsider her commitment to having the conservative voice of Hasselbeck heard at the table . . . and by Emmy voters.


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Hasselback is incredible in her abilility to stand up to her co-hosts. She deserves an Emmy. She has been amazing. It seems to irritate them that even en masse they are incapable of arguing with her, short of not allowing her to have the last word. AN EMMY FOR Is well deseved

The answer is no. I have nothing bad to say personally about E. Hasselbeck. My only complaint is that she comes off as being educated primarily by cable TV/internet. I hope her next job gives her the opportunity to actually learn all aspects of her arguments before opening her mouth to speak. In regards to Whoopi, her question was justifiable. If McCain stupidly describes himself as a "strict constitutionalist" in the sense in that he is opposed to proposing changes to the US constitution, then he must also defend this philosophy in the light of past ammendments. After all this is someone who was adamantly opposed to even minor concessions like MLK day.

I watch the show because I like what Elizabeth, Whoopie and Sherrie have to offer. I think Joy is a very hateful person. She is only funny at someone elses expense. She is the only one left of the original group. could it be her that needs to go. Why is it that no one mentions Obama wanting to disarm this country. I think that would be very dangerous for the American people to allow. A government that wants to take our guns away is to be feared.

I would not ever watch this show were it not for Elisabeth. Why are the other women so worried about what she has to say? They shut her up, call it "crap," point fingers in her face and cut to break when she tries to speak. It's exhausting.

Give Elizabeth a break ,shes out numbered.Joy I always thought u we,re the best .Lately u'r a big disappointment & aBIG mouth nobody can get a word in ...Woopie stop cutting Elizabeth off when she's trying to get a point across.Sharie u'r the most considerate on the show .love u all just voicing my opinion

I don't enjoy the View as much as I did before. They talk the same time, so I don't understand what they are talking about. Especially Elisabeth,she just babble all the time. Made me headache.

Elisabeth is the only reason to watch the View. The other women are mean and angry. They spout off angry opinions without facts to back up their words. The mean-ones drooled over Obama and looked ridiculous. Whoopi's comment to McCain about slavery? OMG... are you for real. Go back to doing stupid comedies.

I can barely watch the View sometimes when Elisabeth goes on and on with her view.. it hurts my ears when she cries no one lets me talk when if you did a timer you would see she gets the most time on her rants... I really wish she would leave and bring someone in with a more than one view unlike elisabeth she only sees one sided view which is only hers and hers alone... i hope fox hires her to that way i can watch my fav. show and not cringe when she goes on and on.. her view is scary she can't see anything else.. even whoopie, barbara, joy and cheri listens to other views but she wont have anything like that... amazing.. and draining... ugh...

Elisabeth, I am so proud of you. I know it isn't easy to do what you do but you will be rewarded. Don't believe that you are losing ground and don't worry about who applauds against you because there are so many like myself that cheer for you and pray for you. You are a beautiful person and if you were my daughter I would be so proud of you. I wish all women had your heart. God bless you and understand there will come a day when all understand, its just a blessing when we are fortunate enough to have had the upbringing of the peace and the love that is available to us all.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck has lost her identity and has become a mouthpiece for Sean Hannity. It's now become a daily obsession. Even Joy Behar has said the same thing but using different words. Go to YouTube and watch the Hannity-Hasselbeck dialogues. Guaranteed to disgust and outrage.

Elizabeth thank you for being an example of what a strong republican woman should look like.

Please Elizabeth go home for the sake of the show.YOU don,t bring nothing to the show,selfish mean spireted one sided I am saving my ears untill you exit the show so I can watch it

The View could still have a conservative voice by replacing Hasselbeck with a conservative who is able to calmly articulate her point. Who sometimes disagrees with her party, as Joy Behar does. There are conservatives who don't sling mud as Hasselbeck does.

Let her go cozy up with Hannity, O'Reilly, Limbaugh and all others of her type. She's a very mean spirited woman. Not mention she's terribly hard on the ears. She has that horrible speedy chatter she does when over talking her co hosts. Not very talented in my opinion. Say goodbye Elisabeth

What a joke on humanity!! Elisabeth, go home!!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is one of the most unimportant people on TV. She is a nothing and thinks she is a star.I would watch the show if they removed her selfish self from the panel. PLEASE!!!

I hate Elisabeth Hasselback, shes not articulate and I completely disagree with her view points. However I always feel bad for her because she is always picked on by the other hosts. And lets be honest all the other hosts suck outside of Joy. Sherri is dumber than Elisabeth. Barbara is...well Barbara. Whoopi Goldberg "do I have to worry about slavery coming back?" really Whoopi? Honestly?

Although I mostly disagree with Hasselbeck I think she is what saves this show from cancellation. Who would want a bunch of women with the same "view" babling all day.

One troublesome co-host? Are you serious? She has to be loud because she is outnumbered, constantly shut up, and constantly ganged up on. Since when is only one point of view the right one? Elizabeth may be a young rich white girl but many of us, rich or not, white or not, can identify with her pain of being cast out for whatever reason. And who cares about a stupid daytime Emmy anyway?



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