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Kathy Griffin refuses to go anywhere without her Emmys

October 31, 2008 |  8:42 am

The winner of best reality program at the Emmys for the past two years brought her statuettes along when she appeared on Craig Ferguson's show Monday night.

"I can tell you think it's tacky that I brought them," Kathy Griffin said, but she said she doesn't care, confessing that she carts them around everywhere. "I even take them to the In and Out Burger."

There's a lot of other talk about Emmys in this clip as Kathy spills beans about hanging out with Don Rickles at the awardsfest — and, of course, she disses her nemesis Ryan Seacrest in the aftermath of the bad reviews he and his four fellow reality TV hosts got for co-hosting.

If it strikes you as weird that there's a lot of odd talk of lesbians in this clip, you should know that it's a continuation of what happened on the show before the start of this clip — when Craig has fun riffing with a lesbian in the audience.