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Will Madonna and Guy Ritchie slug it out at the Razzies?

October 24, 2008 |  9:12 am

Though we can only speculate about the conflict ahead when Madonna and Guy Ritchie face-off in divorce court, we do know they could well be battling each other Feb. 21 at the Razzie Awards. Those cheeky kudos salute the worst in movie making and each of these slugging spouses had a hand in contributing to the decline of the medium this year.


The once-promising Ritchie, who came to fame a decade ago with the crime caper "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels," tried to return to form with "RocknRolla." Revisiting this genre generated enough critical support from the likes of reviewers for Entertainment Weekly and Time for the film to score an overall 56 at Meta Critic, which is considered a disappointing rank. However, Madonna got less than half that score (25) Meta Critic for her directorial debut "Filth and Wisdom." Though this would-be comedy about three misfit roommates ran only 81 minutes, even that was too long for Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune, who admitted "I did enjoy the last five minutes or so, when the movie essentially stopped and [Eugene] Hutz's band Gogol Bordello took over," and Lou Lumenick of the New York Post who called the film "thoroughly inept in just about every aspect."

When it comes to the Razzies, Ritchie is a rank amateur next to Madonna. While he won the worst Razzie director award in 2002 for helming "Swept Away," she picked up her fifth worst actress win for this tepid remake of the Lina Wertmuller classic. Four more of those golden raspberries have been blown her way including recognition as the worst actress of the last century. And Madonna has piled up an additional six nominations during her less than illustrious two-decade-plus film career.

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