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Do Tina Fey + Sarah Palin = Emmy Award?

October 9, 2008 | 11:27 am


At last month's Emmy Awards Tina Fey won a record three races in one year for writing, producing and starring in "30 Rock." (Alan Alda took home Emmys for writing, directing and starring in "M*A*S*H*" but in different years.) Her surprise victory as best comedy actress capped off an awards trifecta for Tina Fey that began with her Golden Globe and SAG victories earlier in the year.

The only race Tina Fey lost that night was individual performance in a variety or music program. She was the first guest host in the 33-year history of "Saturday Night Live" to land such a nod.  (She won an Emmy in 2002 as head writer of the sketch comedy series.) However, veteran comic Don Rickles prevailed, picking up the first Emmy of his half century long career in TV for his special "Mr. Warmth."

Fear not, Fey fans. She could well be back in the race next year for her spot-on portrayal of vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin in an on-going series of appearances on "SNL." The intense interest in the upcoming election has pushed the ratings for the show through the roof. And while it remains unclear whether American voters will cast their ballots for Palin, Emmy voters certainly have shown that they favor Fey.


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McCain is switching campaign theme songs. Here’s the new one...

Sung to the tune of 'Send in the Clowns'.

(With apologies to Judy Collins)

Isn't it rich, aren't we the pair!
Me here at last, you're just hot air.
Borrow a jet, let’s hit the town
Time to make tracks,
Let’s send in the clowns.

Isn't it bliss, with you in the room!
I keep drooling my Ensure
And you ride a broom
Where are the clowns?
Buy me some clowns!
Lets send in the clowns.

(Church Choir Sings)
I'll take D.C., Wasilla is yours,
We'll bet the future, on the Standard and Poors
You make an entrance with that big Bouffant hair,
Not sure of your lines?
Lets see if they care
Send in some clowns
There’s gotta be clowns!

Don'tcha you love farce?
My fault my dear,
I thought that they'd want what I want,
Wasn't I clear?
But where are my clowns?
I bought surplus clowns!
Those @*!#$ clowns!

(Church Choir Sings again)
What a surprise!
Who could foresee
A skinny black guy, more likable than me?
Must be the press
How could that be?
Send in those clowns!
My GOP clowns!

Isn't it rich, the worst of my fears!
That I lost the race to a guy with big ears
And where are my clowns?
My GOP clowns?

Don't bother, we're here.

Fey's best comedy actress win was not a surprise btw.



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